Formula 1 is “All In” on America

February 12, 2023Ramon Jones
Formula 1

Television viewership in the United States (US) has been on the decline in recent years. Some forecast a drop of 2.8 million viewers in the United States from 2023 to 2024 in viewership. Despite this drop in interest due to the US streaming market controlling over 50% of viewership; Formula 1 saw its largest rises in viewership ever in 2022. The Formula 1 race culture is expanding into US markets and this new found interest is coinciding very well with the FIA announcing 3 US races for the 2023 season and the debut of American Driver Logan Sargeant with Williams Racing.

The first race in the US will take place in Miami for the Miam Grand Prix street circuit 05-May 5-7th 2023. Race 2 will take place at Circuit of the Americas October 20-22nd 2023 and Race 3; the newest race addition will be in Las Vegas later in November 2023.

ESPN reports the average Formula 1 viewership hit 1.21 million viewers in 2022 which reflects a 28% increase compared to the prior year. Younger viewers were up significantly. Viewers aged 12-17 were up 49 percent over 2021, averaging 36,000 viewers per race and persons aged 18-34 averaged 238,000 viewers per race, up 43 percent over 2021, and persons aged 25-34 averaged 169,000 viewers per race, up 46 percent over 2021. Formula 1 is contracted to appear on ESPN until 2025 and the organization will be looking to continue to capitalize on this new wave of viewership.

Logan Sargeant; Photo Courtesy of Michael Potts

In 2023 Americans will also have another reason to watch. American Logan Sargeant signed with Williams Racing last year after coming off of a notable performance in Formula 2 with Carlin Motorsport finishing 4th in the championship. Sargeant will be racing alongside teammate Alex Albon who is a 4 year veteran in Formula 1. Sargeant will be a rookie in the field but he has also made it very clear that he is not afraid to forge his legacy in his maiden campaign. In an interview with Racer Sargeant said, “I think at the end of the day, I have to trust myself”, referring to whether Albon was providing any mentorship. “I have to trust my instincts and what I feel. I plan to not   on him (Alex Albon) too much, I feel like I have to stand for myself and go through the hard times and the good times and experience all the different things and ultimately that’s what’ll make you better. I want to make this transition as quick and easy as possible – I know there’s going to be challenges, but hopefully I can get on top of it quickly.”

With ownership of the Haas F1 team by American Gene Haas and rumors flying surrounding Andretti Autosports’ bid for entry into Formula 1. It’s looking like America will be invested heavily and you can be rest assured those investing in the America audience will want to capitalize on this new found interest.

With the start of the 2023 season right around the corner, expectations will be high and the audience in the US will be larger than ever. The stage has been set for Formula 1 to expand exponentially in the US market and we will keep you up to date on the developments that come out of this jam packed 23 race calendar.