Michael Dunlop Runs Fastest on Day 1 of IOMTT Qualifying

May 29, 2023Ray Milton

The Isle of Man TT event has a rich history that dates back to 1907. It was initially a time trial event for motorcycles, and over the years, it evolved into a high-speed motorcycle race on public roads, known for its challenging course and demanding changing conditions. The TT course is a 37.73-mile (60.72 km) 219 turn circuit that winds through the towns and villages of the Isle of Man. It includes narrow country roads, fast straightaways, and challenging twists and turns. Since 1911, the riders tackle the Snaefell Mountain Course, which is known for its elevation changes and varying road conditions. The competition is unique in that it is not a part of any official championship or series. It is an independent event that draws top riders and teams from different motorcycle racing disciplines around the world.

The full event schedule can be found here: 2023 Isle of Man TT Schedule

Day 1 Qualifying

The 2023 Isle of Man TT festivities started today with the first qualifying session of the week. Seasoned veteran Michael Dunlop topped the table on day one of qualifying. Dunlop topped all 4 single rider classes including setting the unofficial lap record in the Supertwin category, with a lap of 122.91 mph. Dunlop was also quickest in the Superbike class on the Hawk Racing Honda (131.782mph), the Superstock class (130.426mph) on his MD Racing Honda and the Supersport class where he lapped at 127.019mph on the MD Racing Yamaha.

The weather offered perfect conditions for Day 1 of qualifying. Day 2 starts tomorrow and conditions are expected to hold through the rest of the week.

Day 1 (Single Rider Classes) Qualifying Results

2023 Isle of Man TT Qualifying: Supertwin

1Michael Dunlop122.90718:25.127 
2Jamie Coward119.75818:54.191+29.063
3Brian McCormack118.97119:01.685+7.494
4Mike Browne117.50419:15.940+14.254
5Dominic Herbertson116.82119:22.700+6.76
6Josh Brookes116.4719:26.208+3.507
7Michael Rutter116.42519:26.655+0.447
8Francesco Curinga115.18319:39.238+12.582
9Paul Jordan115.04819:40.622+1.384
10Michael Evans114.82919:42.873+2.251
11Stefano Bonetti114.2919:48.455+5.581
12Michal Dokoupil113.9719:51.791+3.336
13Jonathan Perry113.54819:56.211+4.42
14Chris Moore113.238113.238+3.275
15Pierre Yves Bian113.10520:00.899+1.411
16Baz Furber112.75220:04.665+3.766
17Jonathan Goetschy111.9820:12.962+8.296
18Dave Hewson111.51720:18.000+5.037
19Michael Russell110.68820:27.119+9.119
20Martin Morris110.07420:33.967+6.848
21Miroslav Slobonda110.07220:33.987+0.019
22Pete Murray110.04620:34.280+0.292
23James Chawke109.99320:34.873+0.593
24Kevin Barsby109.75220:37.590+2.716
25Gareth Arnold109.33920:42.269+4.678
26Paul Cassidy109.094109.094+2.784
27Masayuki Yamanaka108.335108.335+8.726
28David Madsen-Mygdal108.17420:55.639+1.859
29Vinny Brennan105.10421:32.320+36.68
30Andy Hornby104.01821:45.812+13.492
31Rob Hodson   
32Maria Costello Mbe   

2023 Isle of Man TT Qualifying: Superbike

1Michael Dunlop122.90717:10.700 
2Dean Harrison131.67417:11.5500.85
3Peter Hickman131.25417:14.8443.294
4John McGuinness129.39817:29.68914.844
5Conor Cummins129.08117:32.2702.581
6Jamie Coward129.01717:32.7890.519
7Davey Todd128.21117:39.4096.619
8James Hillier127.58117:44.6395.23
9Rob Hodson126.84817:50.7906.15
10Michael Rutter125.88817:58.9628.171
11Brian McCormack124.24818:13.20314.241
12Michael Evans124.01618:15.2502.046
13Shaun Anderson123.64418:18.5443.294
14Mike Browne123.51618:19.6811.136
15Samuel West123.37618:20.9271.246
16Julian Trummer123.30918:21.5250.597
17Paul Jordan122.92918:24.9303.404
18Stephen Smith122.52118:28.6093.679
19Stefano Bonetti122.32518:30.3851.775
20Forest Dunn121.97518:33.5743.188
21Mark Goodings121.88318:34.4110.837
22David Daltzer120.83318:44.0959.684
23Mark Parrett120.36218:48.4994.403
24James Chawke120.05818:51.3542.855
25Timothee Monot119.9818:52.0840.73
26Michael Russell119.19418:59.5537.468
27Dave Hewson118.94619:01.9262.373
28Jonathan Perry118.94519:01.9420.015
29Rhys Hardisty118.91319:02.2480.306
30Anthony Redmond118.91119:02.2630.014
31Richard Wilson118.71319:04.1721.909
32Amalric Blanc117.11919:19.74115.569
33Chris Sarbora117.0319:20.6270.885
34Baz Furber117.00419:20.8810.254
35Allan Venter116.96919:21.2340.353
36Xavier Denis114.28419:48.51327.278
37Matthieu Lagrive111.83920:14.49025.977
38Matt Stevenson   

2023 Isle of Man TT Qualifying: Supersport

1Michael Dunlop127.01917:49.355 
2Peter Hickman126.81417:51.0821.727
3Dean Harrison125.49418:02.34411.261
4Davey Todd124.60418:10.0817.737
5Conor Cummins122.78318:26.24116.16
6Mike Browne122.16118:31.8815.639
7Paul Jordan121.79618:35.2123.331
8David Johnson121.78818:35.2800.068
9James Hillier120.60718:46.20510.924
10Craig Neve120.50218:47.1860.98
11Matt Stevenson119.49618:56.6729.486
12Pierre Yves Bian119.34618:58.1011.428
13Joey Thompson11919:01.4093.307
14Brian McCormack118.97119:01.6860.276
15Forest Dunn118.30319:08.1346.448
16Julian Trummer118.22519:08.8970.763
17Shaun Anderson117.79819:13.0544.156
18Mark Goodings117.50819:15.9062.851
19Stephen Parsons117.21519:18.7922.885
20Stefano Bonetti116.94519:21.4642.672
21Jonathan Goetschy115.98819:31.0559.591
22Tom Weeden115.97719:31.1670.111
23Richard Wilson115.21419:38.9217.753
24Xavier Denis114.69519:44.2505.328
25Mark Parrett114.63419:44.8850.635
26Jamie Cringle114.56819:45.5690.684
27Gary Vines114.5419:45.8600.29
28Amalric Blanc114.05619:50.8915.031
29Allan Venter113.60119:55.6634.772
30Ryan Cringle111.65820:16.46020.797
31James Hind110.6220:27.87911.418
32Craig Szczypek108.86520:47.67719.798
33Jack Petrie107.69621:01.22013.542
34Jorge Halliday107.52721:03.1931.973
35David Brook107.09721:08.2755.082
36Timothee Monot   
37Raul Torras Martinez   

2023 Isle of Man TT Qualifying: Superstock

1Michael Dunlop130.42617:21.418 
2Joshua Brookes126.40417:54.55833.14
3Phillip Crowe126.06717:57.4302.871
4Mike Browne125.26218:04.3526.921
5Davey Todd125.16718:05.1750.823
6David Johnson124.94218:07.1261.951
7Michael Rutter123.70718:17.97710.85
8Dean Harrison123.618:18.9340.956
9Carig Neve120.10218:50.93732.002
10Erno Kostamo115.46819:36.32345.386

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