IOMTT: Michael Dunlop Wins Supersport TT Race 1

June 4, 2023Ray Milton

Michael Dunlop started off race week in winning fashion securing the first race win of the 2023 IOM TT race week in Supersport TT Race 1. The 4 lap race allowed Michael Dunlop to stretch his lead out from by 12.329s ahead of Peter Hickman who had been trading fastest laps with Dunlop all week in qualifying. The race for 3rd was much closer. Hickman and Dean Harrison were only separated by 4 tenths of a second. The rest of the field was quite a ways behind with the fourth place finisher Jamie Coward over 41 seconds back. Coward lost most of this time in the pits.

There were 7 retirements from the race. Two riders who participated in qualifying week did not start the TT; Mike Browne and Phillip Crowe. James Hind, Julian Trummer and Xavier Denis all received 30 sec time penalties. However, they were never in the running for finishing in the top 3.

Full Supersport TT Race 1 Results

2023 Isle of Man Supersport TT Race 1 Results

PositionRiderBest Lap Speed Delta
1Michael Dunlop17:23.3444 Laps
2Peter Hickman17:32.612+12.329s
3Dean Harrison17:36.949+00.394s
4Jamie Coward17:44.060+41.277s
5Davey Todd17:41.509+02.836s
6James Hillier17:58.443+35.798s
7Paul Jordan18:01.916+20.487s
8David Johnson18:03.623+25.381s
9Rob Hodson18:05.569+03.457s
10James Hind18:04.924+10.769s
11Craig Neve18:06.872+01.259s
12Michael Evans18:18.950+39.657s
13Shaun Anderson18:18.279+09.758s
14Michal Dokoupil18:41.672+1:14.806s
15Brian McCormack18:42.283+02.022s
16Joey Thompson18:39.078+05.942s
17Baz Furber18:42.606+02.437s
18Pierre Yves Bian18:44.678+08.530s
19Stefano Bonetti18:40.367+06.497s
20Richard Wilson18:48.812+12.448s
21Jonathan Goetschy18:45.676+06.121s
22Ryan Cringle18:48.474+00.840s
23James Chawke18:54.476+00.909s
24Tom Weeden18:51.900+05.256s
25Julian Trummer18:45.205+04.721s
26Michael Russell18:59.254+12.642s
27Stephen Parsons18:54.340+12.420s
28Jonathan Perry19:05.407+03.736s
29Mark Parrett19:01.979+09.259s
30Forest Dunn19:04.901+03.550s
31Allann Venter18:59.755+04.278s
32Amalric Blanc19:02.745+16.894s
33Mark Goodings19:23.256+52.698s
34Martin Morris19:11.680+00.477s
35Xavier Denis19:12.188+03.176s
36Paul Williams19:26.083+00.540s
37Jorge Halliday19:22.036+01.971s
38Paul Cassidy19:30.903+39.294s
39Jack Petrie19:36.531+30.732s
40David Brook19:37.941+12.349s
41Masayuki Yamanaka19:47.230+02.343s

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