Michael Dunlop Wins 23rd TT Race in Superbike

June 5, 2023Ray Milton

On day two of racing Michael Dunlop beat out Peter Hickman and Dean Harrison to win Superbike race 1. All three riders were favorited to win Superbike TT race 1. However, Dunlop capitalized on his experience and flying hot lap times and set a scorching 133.910 mph lap. While not the fastest lap of the race Dunlop led second place finished Peter Hickman by 8.233 seconds. Hickman had the fastest lap but was not able to stay consistent with that pace and eventually fell back to Dunlop. It appeared that Hickman had throttle issues during the race which may have contributed to his inconsistent pace.

Dean Harrison finished 3rd and was not able to match the pace of Dunlop and Hickman. Two riders registered but did not start the race. There were 10 retirements from the race. With the win Dunlop secures his 23rd TT win. He is currently registered to participate in more races this weekend so he has the opportunity to extend this feat.

Full IOM TT Superbike Race 1 Results are Below

2023 Isle of Man TT Superbike Race
1Michael Dunlop 
2Peter Hickman8.233
3Dean Harrison9.806
4James Hillier02:00.343
5Jamie Coward10.44
6John McGuinness32.922
7Joshua Brookes13.442
8Dominic Herbertson58.655
9Michael Rutter7.13
10Shaun Anderson20.723
11David Johnson28.702
12James Hind7.933
13Phillip Crowe5.755
14Brian McCormack4.659
15Mike Browne45.277
16Paul Jordan45.12
17Samuel West5.928
18Julian Trummer15.926
19Michael Evans9.426
20Stephen Smith57.713
21Mark Parrett13.444
22Stefano Bonetti0.336
23Richard Wilson17.612
24Forest Dunn20.244
25Michael Russell0.366
26Raul Torras Martinez16.823
27Allan Venter8.045
28Mark Goodings8.045
29Rhys Hardisty8.045
30James Chawke30.008
31Baz Furber01:00.578
32Dave Hewson9.86
33Chris Sarbora26.438
34Rob Hodson25:16.839
35Xavier Denis07:18.594
36Erno Kostamo29.819
37Jonathan Perry22:15.054
38Rennue Scaysbrook34.497
39Davey Todd22:53.145
40Timothee Monot16:30.287
41David Datzer54.317