Nitrocross Oklahoma McConnell Wins

June 19, 2023Joe Moore

The second and final day of Nitrocross Oklahoma has come to an end. Fraser McConnell took the event win.


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Group One

Conner Martell and Oliver Bennett squared off in the first prelim. Martell finished fastest to take the win. He was 57.683 seconds faster than Bennett in the session. Martell was never really challenged.

Group Two

Travis Pastrana, Conor Daly and Benito Guerra would face off in the second prelim group. Travis Pastrana took the win, setting a time 1.010 seconds faster than Daly. Guerra wouldn’t start the race. 

Group Three

Robin Larsson, Kris Meeke and Oliver Eriksson competed in the third and final preliminary at Nitrocross Oklahoma. Robin Larsson would win the preliminary, setting a time 1.1 seconds faster than Kris Meeke. Oliver Eriksson wouldn’t start the race. 


© Louis Yio, 2023

Heat One

Andreas Bakkerud and Oliver Eriksson faced off in the first heat. Bakkerud took the heat win, as Eriksson would fail to finish the heat. 

Heat Two

The second heat would see Fraser McConnell, Conor Daly, Kris Meeke and Oliver Bennett square off in the second heat. McConnell took home the heat win, finishing 5.183 seconds faster than Conor Daly. Both Meeke and Bennett wouldn’t start the race due to mechanical issues. 

Heat Three

Robin Larsson, Kevin Eriksson, Conner Martell and Travis Pastrana would square off in the third and final heat. Larsson would take the heat win, finishing 7.474 seconds faster than Kevin Eriksson. Martell set the third fastest time, finishing 13 seconds slower than Eriksson. 

Last Chance Qualifier 

Group One

Conner Martell, Conor Daly and Oliver Bennett battled for a chance in the Nitrocross Oklahoma Finals in the first LCQ group. Conner Martell would take home the win to advance to the finals. Martell would set a time 7.520 seconds faster than Conor Daly to take the win. Daly would also advance to the finals. Oliver Bennett would finish 50.520 seconds slower than Daly and would be eliminated from the event.

Group Two

The second LCQ group would see Kris Meeke, Kevin Eriksson and Travis Pastrana face off. Kris Meeke would be handed first in the group, although he only completed one lap. This came as a result of both Eriksson and Pastrana failing to finish a lap. Due to these strange circumstances, every driver in the group would advance to the finals. 


© Louis Yio, 2023

The Nitrocross Oklahoma Finals would see Fraser McConnell, Robin Larsson, Kevin Eriksson, Conner Martell, Travis Pastrana, Kris Meeke, Andreas Bakkerud and Conor Daly square off for the first Nitrocross win of the season. Fraser McConnell would take home the win, finishing 1.548 seconds faster than reigning champion Robin Larsson. Kevin Eriksson took third in the final, 1.451 seconds slower than Larsson. Conner Martell finished fourth in the final, finishing 5.382 seconds slower than Eriksson. Travis Pastrana would round out the top five in the final, finishing 2.808 seconds slower than Martell. 

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