MotoGP: Honda Open to Marc Marquez Exit

June 29, 2023Ray Milton

Honda have reportedly and unofficially given Marc Marquez the green light to exit his remaining contract obligations if he doesn’t want to stay with the team through the 2024 season. Honda MotoGP boss Alberto Puig stated, “We have a contract, but every person is free to do what they want in life…Honda is not a company that wants to have people who are not happy being at Honda. So, of course we have a contract, but Honda respects Marc a lot. I want to think [he will stay] based on the contract, but I don’t have a [magic wand].”

The statement came after speculation that Marquez is looking to exit the team for a rumored moved to KTM. Marquez has loosely attested to his commitment to Honda by stating, “I am in a big moment and I cannot think about this. You cannot decide things about your future when you are in such a condition. During this month and a half I need to rebuild my body and the mental side. I am in one of the worst moments of my career. But I’m very lucky that I am in one of the best moments in my personal life, with a very good team around me. Everything is stable and this helps a lot.”

Marc Marquez and the Future

Whether or not Marquez will terminate his contract early is unknown but it appears Honda is still willing to work with him despite the recent woes he has face with not being able to finish races. Marquez has crashed multiple times this season leaving the Honda side unable to capitalize on point scoring opportunities for more of the season. Marquez has not yet completed a grand prix in 2023. The latest event was his withdrawal from the Dutch grand Prix. We will continue to report as this story develops.

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