Verstappen Perfect at Silverstone, Lando Norris Lands a Podium Finish

July 9, 2023Ramon Jones
Formula 1

Max Verstappen (Red Bull) continues to dominate the field with yet another win in Silverstone for the British Grand Prix. Verstappen and Lando Norris had an early exchange for lead position but ultimately the pace of the Red Bull proved to be too much. Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes) finished P3 in a hard fought podium. Red Bull teammate Sergio Perez (Red Bull) who didn’t make it to Q3 had am impressive drive to finish P8 in an effort that helped him salvaged a points finish. His championship race seems to be dwindling every round with Verstappen in perfect form the last 6 races. Perez is still holding second place int he championship standings but Fernando Alonso (Aston Martin) is within 19 points of challenging the second spot.

Verstappen Spoke to the F1 Media

Verstappen stated the following to, “Of course, very happy that we won again. I mean, 11 wins in a row for the team, I think that’s pretty incredible, but it wasn’t straightforward today. I was doing a bit of drifting on Thursday with marketing, and it felt like I was doing that also in the start, which wasn’t very good – it was very bad. We’ll look into that, because I think the last few starts were actually a lot better, and today wasn’t that great.”

“But at least it made it a bit more exciting, I had to push for it. Lando Norris didn’t really put up a fight, he was very nice to me, but then he actually came back again in the DRS, so he had a lot of pace today – he did very well today.”

In surprising fashion both McLarens finished in the top 5 with Oscar Piastri (McLaren) securing his best finish of the season in P4. Piastri was in third for the majority of the race but lost out on a late pit stop under a safety car and wasn’t able to regain P3 before the checkered flag flew. With the finish Verstappen extends his championship lead to 99 points ahead of Sergio Perez. The double top 5 finish for McLaren secured 30 points for the McLaren side. Mercedes currently sits in second place with 203 points ahead of Aston Martin with 181 points.

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