Andreas Mikkelsen Takes WRC2 Win At Rally Estonia

July 25, 2023Joe Moore

The fourth and final day of Rally Estonia has come to an end. Andreas Mikkelsen would hold on to take the win. 


Sami Pajari would dig a bit more into Andreas Mikkelsen’s lead. As the Fin would take the stage win on SS18, finishing 2.7 seconds faster than Mikkelsen to take the stage win. Gus Greensmith finished with the third fastest time on the stage, 2.2 seconds slower than Mikkelsen. 


Oliver Solberg took the win on the 19th stage of Rally Estonia. Solberg finished 1.9 seconds faster than Sami Pajari to take the stage win. Andreas Mikkelsen would lose more time to Pajari. As Mikkelsen finished third fastest on the stage, 0.5 seconds slower than Pajari.


Sami Pajari would continue his push for the WRC2 win at Rally Estonia taking another stage win. This time Pajari would finish the stage 2.8 seconds faster than Mikkelsen to take home the stage win. Miko Marczyk set the third fastest time on the stage, 0.1 seconds slower than Mikkelsen.


The 21st and final stage of Rally Estonia saw 2 pairs of ties on the stage. Andreas Mikkelsen and Sami Pajari would tie for the stage win. With both drivers finishing 0.4 seconds faster than Oliver Solberg and Miko Marczyk to take the stage win. 

Keeping Mikkelsen Honest

Sami Pajari would head into the final day of the Rally 15.8 seconds behind Mikkelsen. By the end of the day, Pajari cut that lead down to 9.7 seconds. Unfortunately for Pajari his push for the win at Rally Estonia would start too late into the event and he ran out of stages to pull time back on. Nevertheless, Pajari will take second-place points in WRC2 and first place points on the Powerstage as well.