MotoGP: Implements Tire Pressure Monitoring Rules

July 28, 2023Speed Trap Magazine


Following a request from the MotoGP™ Technical Director, the FIM MotoGP™ Stewards have confirmed that a tire pressure monitoring system will now be enforced for both the Tissot Sprint and the MotoGP™ Grand Prix race, starting from the Monster Energy British Grand Prix. All riders use Michelin tires as they are the tire sponsor for the series.

Technical infringements normally result in disqualification from the session or race, but as the system is new to the MotoGP™ Class and it’s being brought in mid-season, the Stewards have agreed a gradual penalty scale. To make sure the penalties apply to the actual Sprint or Grand Prix race where the tire pressure doesn’t comply, they will be time penalties given out after the race.

-1st offense: Warning 
-2nd offense: 3-second time penalty 
-3rd offense: 6-second time penalty 
-4th offense: 12-second time penalty

The penalties will become more strict as the season progresses and teams become more familiar with the rule changes. Tire pressures will be established by Michelin on a round by round basis. The requirement will only be monitored during the Sprint and Grand Prix races during the weekend. There will be a minimum tire pressure in the Moto2™ and Moto3™ classes. The rule also applies to the FIM Enel MotoE™ World Championship. Michelin will likely set different parameters for each class given the differences in pace.

Actions for the British Grand Prix kicks off next weekend. You can find more details here: Monster Energy British Grand Prix at Silverstone.