Bezzecchi Received an Ultimatum from Ducati

August 9, 2023Ray Milton

Ducati have given Marco Bezzecchi (Mooney VR46 Racing) an ultimatum regarding his future on riding a factory Ducati. Ducati feels Bezzecchi has definitely earned the honor after his performances thus far in the 2023 campaign. However, this opportunities comes with caveats. Ducati do not appear to support Bezzecchi staying with the Moony VR46 Racing Team as a part of this deal.

Ducati sporting director Paolo Ciabatti told Speedweek, “Honestly, there’s a possibility he’ll join Pramac, but it’s not certain. On the one hand, Pramac has the contractual option of getting current factory machines for both riders. And if they exercise that option, we have to respect that. And for internal reasons we can only equip four riders with current factory machines. Building more bikes like this is too complicated. We did that for 2022, it didn’t work. At that time, Luca Marini got a fifth factory Ducati.”

Pramac currently houses Johann Zarco and Jorge Martin. Its not clear which of these riders would be leaving if such a move occurred. What we do know is a deal like this comes with an expiration date. The team will soon begin plans for next season and will need to know who their man is.

Does Bezzecchi’s Loyalty Play a Role Here?

Mooney VR46 Racing has invested heavily in Bezzecchi over the years helping him jump start his career and ultimately his MotoGP debut. Bezzecchi will have to decide if he wants the bike she’s dreamed of to be more competitive in the championship or to take a risk by forgoing the opportunity and potentially running into new challenges with a new manufacturer. Mooney VR46 has been rumors to be moving in the direction of Yamaha.

Nothing is in stone but its clear that Ducati wants Bezzecchi to stay but on their terms. We will continue to report on this story as it develops.