Helmut Marko Comments On the Reality of a Lando Norris Move to Red Bull

August 14, 2023Ramon Jones
Formula 1

Red Bull Racing has been the talk of a variety of issues this season across the internet. Tts no surprise that there is a gossip spreading like wildfire. Sergio Perez (Red Bull Racing) has had a both productive but alos underwhelming season thus far in 2023. Despite still holding second place in the drivers championship race the talks never seems to end regarding Perez and his future at Red Bull. The latest rumor links Lando Norris (McLaren) to the frenzy. From a logistical stand point such a move wouldn’t be possible without some level of contract buyout/penalty. Currently Norris is contracted with McLaren through the 2025 season. Perez is only contracted through 2024. This leaves a one year gap between free agency for the two drivers which makes it unlikely that Norris was ever a real candidate for a Red Bull move.

Helmut Marko, Advisor for Red Bull Racing contributed to the controversy by stating, “Having Verstappen and Norris on the same team would be perfect for fans, as well as for television and all journalists. Of course, for the success of the team, we want to win the World Cup and the best thing for this is to have a clear hierarchy. You have to be clear, I don’t want to say the first driver, but know who is the fastest driver.”

Do Red Bull Need a Change?

Makro has had mixed feelings on Sergio Perez and his stent with Red Bull. From the outside in one might wonder what more they could be looking for. Currently they hold first and second in the drivers championship and a commanding lead in the constructors. The points advantage at this point of the season has prompted discussions on whether Red Bull needs to continue anymore development on this years car. When the championship is eventually statically won Red Bull could theoretically focus all efforts on the 2024 car which would give them a hefty advantage in development ahead of their competitors.

At this point this is all speculation. It’s clear that there are no official talks of Lando Norris making a move for Red Bull. Quite honestly Red Bull have a well oiled machine that is working perfectly in terms of team outcomes. Why would they change that? We call this speculation rubbish.