World RX Season To Continue In RX2e Cars

September 3, 2023Joe Moore
World RX

Earlier today the Hansen World Rallycross Team revealed they and the rest of the WRX1e teams will continue the 2023 World RX season in RX2e cars.

It’s Back

The 2023 World RX season stopped after a fire at Lydden Hill. The fire burned the Special One Racing team tent and cars. Ending the teams season in the process, and the RX1e classes season as a result. The drivers from the RX1e class have competed in one round of the RX2e championship in the meantime. Kristoffersson, Veiby, Kevin and Timmy Hansen all competed at the World RX Of Mettet in the RX2e cars. While Andersson and Grönholm both competed at the World RX Of Germany. 

A Logical Fix

The 2023 World RX season couldn’t end with just three rounds run. It wouldn’t be a good look for a championship that is already losing interest from fans. Switching to RX2e cars isn’t a permanent fix, but it’s one that will allow the season to continue and at least be 7 rounds, one less than the original eight, more on the in a minute. Although Johan Kristoffersson has all but won the championship at this point. With the 5-time champion sitting 27 points ahead of Niclas Grönholm and has won every event.

A Renewed Championship Battle

Having drivers compete in RX2e cars could be a step in the right direction for the championship to regain popularity. As Kristoffersson and Volkswagen have been dominant all season. Now with all drivers competing in the same cars, it won’t be a matter of who has the best car necessarily, it’ll be a battle of who is the best driver. The move to having all drivers in the same car will give drivers like Timmy and Kevin Hansen a chance at taking home the championship. Although it’s unlikely anything short of rare errors by Kristoffersson will stop him from winning the remaining rounds.

Rounds Added

Although not officially from the World RX it looks as if the World RX Of South Africa and World RX Of Hong Kong have been made double header events. Moving the championship from a 5-round series after the 3 cancelled events to 7. Allowing drivers the chance to make up points lost in the cancelled events. It also means Kristoffersson still has to work for his 6th championship in the past 7 years. 

*Note information in this article is not 100% official, just deducted from an announcement from the Hansen World Rallycross Team.