Kayla Yaakov and The WagBar MP13 Split, Yaakov to Tytlers Cycle Racing for Supersport

September 5, 2023Ramon Jones

In a double whammy for news today. Young prodigy and motorcycle racing sensation Kayla Yaakov will be parting ways with The WagBar MP13 racing team and her seat in the Rev It Twins cup. Melissa Paris from The WagBar MP13 Racing team had the following comments, “While we always hope to finish what we start, the goal of my team has been to give opportunities to up-and-coming racers. Kayla feels this is a chance she can’t pass up, and we don’t want to stand in her way.” This chance refers to the latest news that Kayla Yaakov will race with Tytlers Cycle Racing in the Supersport class for the two remaining race weekends of the season

Paris continued, “Even though we will be watching and cheering for Kayla from the Supersport sidelines, the WagBar MP13 Racing Team will be back to business as usual at New Jersey Motorsports Park. We will field our Yamaha YZF-R3 in Junior Cup and our YZF-R7 in the REV’IT! Twins Cup. As always, we aim to be fighting at the front. The team will announce a replacement rider for the final round soon.”

Tytlers Cycle Racing announced today that Kayla would be joining the team.

Tytlers Cycle Racing released the following

Michael Kiley: “It’s a privilege to have Kayla take the Supersport seat for Tytler’s Cycle Racing and to have her close out the season with us.  Our intent was to allow Stefano to concentrate on Superbike and to give an opportunity to someone upcoming in the final rounds of the season. I know all of us will be watching and supporting her on track Her accomplishments speak for themselves and so it’s great to work with her and her family. After what she has already achieved, I am sure she is destined for more success.” 

Kayla Offered her Thoughts on the Move

Kayla Yaakov: “I am extremely excited to be joining the Tytlers Cycle Racing Team for the final two rounds of the MotoAmerica Supersport season. This opportunity came completely out of the blue and I am so thankful for this chance to try the Supersport bike in this stacked class. Next weekend won’t be easy, learning a new track and a new bike but I know I have a strong team around me, and I am ready for the challenge and what lies ahead.

The decision to jump off the Twins Cup bike and pursue Supersport so late in the season was difficult, but after a lot of thought about my progression and my future in the sport, myself, The WagBar MP13 Racing Team and Yamaha have come to a mutual decision in allowing me to dedicate the rest of the year to the Tytlers Cycle Supersport program. I want to thank everyone that has made this possible. See you all at COTA!”