EA Sports WRC Everything We Know So Far

September 8, 2023Joe Moore

Earlier this week EA Sports revealed their new WRC game, or well teased is probably a better term, but here’s everything we know so far. 

Release Date And Cover

EA Sports WRC is coming to next-generation consoles and PC on November 3rd, 2023. The game will have a different cover for each platform, with Kalle Rovanperä on the PlayStation cover, Ott Tänak on the PC cover and Thierry Neuville on the Xbox cover. This is different to what Nacon who used Toyota’s on the cover for the past couple of games. 

From The Creators Of Dirt

You’ve probably at some point heard of the Dirt series of video games. Maybe not so much if you don’t do sim racing, but if you do there’s about a 90% chance you’ve heard of the game. Dirt was originally called Colin McRae Rally but was rebranded to Dirt after Colin McRae Dirt 2 was released. Codemasters is the primary developer for the game series, they will also be the developers of the new WRC game.
Dirt Rally 2.0 is probably one of the hardest sim racing games out there. As a result of the cars being difficult to drive and there being little room for error, much like a real rally stage. The new EA Sports WRC game will use a different engine to that of Dirt Rally. Switching to the ever-popular Unreal engine which is used in the battlefield series among other EA Sports titles. How the unreal engine will work with Rally cars is yet to be seen as a result of us only having seen about a minute of in-game footage. 


EA Sports WRC is said to feature 18 unique locations (13 from the 2023 WRC calendar and 5 historic). With the total number of stages in the game being about 200. It’s unknown if that’s unique stages or if variations of the same stages are included in that 200. 


The game will feature all 3 Rally1 cars used in the 2023 WRC season. As well as all WRC2 and WRC junior cars. It’ll also feature cars from the World Rally Car era, Group B and A eras, Kit Cars and more. It’s thought that every car in Dirt Rally 2 will transfer over to the new game. 

Builder Mode

One of the new features to the WRC game series will be the builder mode. How exactly this mode will work is unknown at this time. However, it’ll likely work the same as building your own F1 team in the F1 game series. You’ll be able to select your own car shell from a variety of base models. Select what engine you want to use for the car, modify aerodynamics and other features of the car to make it your own.