MotoAmerica: Circuit of the Americas Preview

September 8, 2023Ramon Jones

The MotoAmerica Superbike Championship lands in Austin, Texas for a scorching weekend at Circuit of the Americas. The weekend will feature the final installment of the Steel Commander Stock 1000 championship. A champion will be crowned this weekend. Currently Ezra Beaubier (Orange Cat Racing) sits on top of the table 8 points ahead of last year’s runner up Hayden Gillim (Disrupt Racing). Beaubier’s teammate Kaleb De Keyrel sits in third place 12 points behind the championship lead. Although not statistically eliminated Travis Wyman in 4th with 118 points is still in the championship running.

The heat will play a role this weekend. The average temperature for the weekend is projected to be 104 degrees Fahrenheit. MotoAmerica’s Chief Medical Officer Dr. Carl Price offered the following information and advice for getting through the weekend safely.

1. Hydration, Hydration, Hydration.

Drink before you are thirsty. Your hydration needs increase with heat and activity. Sweat loss can increase to 3 to 4 liters per hour in athletes. Making a hydration plan is preferable to winging it.

2. Replace Electrolytes

A rule of thumb is one bottle of electrolytes to two bottles of water. Sweat contains electrolytes (mainly sodium and potassium), and drinking water without electrolyte replacement can be dangerous. Dr. Price recommends Pedialyte®. It is the best oral electrolyte replacement. Pedialyte is well-tolerated and palatable. It can be readily purchased in powder form in packets or in premixed liter bottles. There are also other products available like Gatorlyte® and Liquid I.V.®. Sports drinks generally have fewer electrolytes and too much sugar.

3. Pay Attention To Your Urine Color And Frequency

Frequent urination is good. Urine color should be light-yellow to almost clear. Darker urine indicates inadequate hydration.

4. Cooling Off Is Key

Have a cool place to get out of the sun and heat. In the absence of air conditioning, shade, fans and evaporative cooling can suffice. While acclimation can be important in the weeks before an event, on the day of, keeping core temps down is a better strategy and can enhance performance.

5. Watch For Signs Of Dehydration

Dry, sticky mouth. Decreased urine production. Dark urine. Cool, dry skin. Headache. Muscle cramps.

Elsewhere in the MotoAmerica Paddock

In addition to Stock 1000, MotoAmerica will feature the Medallia Superbike, Supersport, Super Hooligans, and King of the Baggers classes. Jake Gagne (Fresh n Lean Progressive Yamaha) clinched the Superbike title at the last round in Pittsburgh. He secured the championship in Pittsburgh. In Supersport Xavi Fores has all but secured the championship. Fores needs to score 14 points of the 50 available this weekend between two races to clinch the championship.

The King of the Baggers (KOTB) championship is a nail biter. Hayden Gillim currently holds a 3 point lead in the standings ahead of James Rispoli and Kyle Wyman. With 4 races left in the season race wins are of the utmost importance this weekend. Hayden Gillim will be pulling triple duty this weekend racing KOTB, Superbike and Stock 1000.

In the Super Hooligans class Tyler O’Hara and Jeremy McWilliams are in a deadlock at the top of the table for the title. The Super Hooligans championship will also be decided here in Austin as this is the season finale for the class. Action kicks off with practice on Friday morning at 9:30am with practice sessions and qualifying 1 on day one of the race weekend.