How Kalle Rovanperä Can Win The Championship In Chile

September 14, 2023Joe Moore

Kalle Rovanperä increased his WRC Drivers’ Championship lead this past weekend in Greece. How could Rovanperä win the championship in Chile? Find out below. 

How Rovanperä Can Win It In Chile

Kalle Rovanperä will have the opportunity to win his second WRC Championship at the end of the month, but how? The only way for Rovanperä to win the championship at Rally Chile Bio Bio is for Rovanperä to take home 28 more points than Elfyn Evans at the event. Incase you’re wondering about the math behind this all, it’s actually quite simple. With 3 events remaining on the calendar there are maximum of 90 points remaining. All Rovanperä needs to win the championship is 61 more than Evans by the end of Chile. As after Chile only 2 events will remain, with a maximum of 60 points. What are the possible ways this can happen?

-Rovanperä wins the event and wins the powerstage, whilst Evans finishes 9th or lower. 

-Evans finishes 10th and Rovanperä wins and finishes 2nd or higher on the Powerstage. 

-Evans finished below 10th and Rovanperä wins and finishes 3rd or higher on the Powerstage. 

This means Rovanperä has three possible ways of winning the championship in Chile. However, they all rely on Evans having a poor showing at the event. Which is unlikely, but not impossible. Evans finished fourth at the event back in 2019. Whilst Rovanperä won the event in the WRC2 class. Seeing as the event hasn’t been run since 2019, it’s a fresh slate for both drivers. As neither has experience at the event in a Rally1 car, nor does any other driver competing at the event. Meaning everyone has a high chance of making a mistake. Further increasing Rovanperä’s odds of winning the championship in Chile as a result. 

One Year Later

If Rovanperä were to win the championship in Chile at the end of the month. It would be 364 days since he won the championships in 2022. In which Rovanperä became the youngest World Rally Champion ever. Beating Colin McRae by 5 years and 88 days, as Rovanperä was 22 years and 1 day old when one the championship. 

A Great Birthday Present 

Kalle Rovanperä’s birthday is October 1st. Rally Chile Bio Bio ends on October 1st. This means there is a chance Rovanperä can win his second World Rally Championship on his birthday. Now wouldn’t that be an incredible birthday present?