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EA Sports WRC Full Car List Unveiled

September 16, 2023
by Joe Moore

Earlier this week the full car list for EA Sports WRC was released. What cars will the game contain at launch? Find out below.

What Cars Will Be In The Game?

EA Sports WRC will feature a wide variety of historic and modern WRC cars. With everything from a 1960s Mini Cooper to the championship-winning Toyota’s of today. The full car list includes 78 different vehicles across 18 different classes. Those classes are the same as Dirt Rally 2 (minus GT), with the addition of WRC classes. What cars will be in the game and what surprises does the list include? Let’s take a look, shall we?

The Full List 

WRC Car List

WRC2 * Cars

Junior WRC

World Rally Cars 2017-2021

World Rally Cars 1997-2011

Rally2 *

Rally4 Cars




F2 Kit Cars

Group A

Group B (4WD) Car List

Group B (RWD)

H3 (RWD)

H2 (RWD)

H2 (FWD)

H1 (FWD)

Builder Cars

The Surprises 

Fans of the game were quick to take notice of some unexpected cars. Namely the Sköda Córdoba Rally which was last featured in Colin McRae Rally 2. Others include the Vauxhall Astra Rally Car, Ford Escort Mk 6 Maxi and the McRae R4 among others. The list doesn’t feature too many surprises as it’s mostly just content from Dirt Rally 2. However, the list is definitely comparable or better than the one in WRC Generations. Sure EA Sports WRC won’t feature as many of the more modern World Rally Cars such as the Citroen C3 and the Toyota Yaris but that’s minor. 

What’s Next To Be Revealed?

Next up on the list for EA Sports WRC reveals is a gameplay deep dive. Something that should give us a lot more to talk about. Seeing as we’ve only gotten a single video with maybe 30 seconds of actual gameplay footage. Which as a result doesn’t tell us much in terms of what to expect at all. The gameplay deep dive will likely come out sometime in the next week or so. Keep your eyes peeled.