Should The FIA Consider Changes To The World RX?

September 16, 2023Joe Moore
World RX

The 2023 World RX Season came to a halt after a fire broke out in Lydden Hill, but does the FIA need to make changes to the series for this and other reasons?

The Facts 

The World RX switched to fully electric cars at the start of the 2022 season. This came as a controversial move. As many, including myself, were skeptical of what Rallycross would be like without noise. Some of us, also including myself, became more open to the idea as time went on and got past the lack of noise. Some fans didn’t get over it, however. Some of those fans continue to look for any reason to blame electric cars for anything that goes wrong. The fire that burned the Special One racing cars and tents to the ground at Lydden Hill just added fuel to the fire. Is there enough reason for the FIA to consider making changes to the series regulations? And if so what could be changed? 

Why There Could Be Changes To The World RX

It’s no secret that the World RX has started to fall off. Especially when you look at just how popular Nitrocross, Nordic RallyX and other Rallycross series are getting. But why is this? Nitrocross is also fully electric at the top class, so why are they doing better? The answer is simple. Nitrocross was able to add something else that catches the fans attention more than just engine noise. The tracks alone captivate fans and leave them wanting more. Nordic RallyX gives fans what the World RX used to be. The current World RX sits in a weird spot. It’s the same thing it always was, just with electric vehicles. Something that longtime fans aren’t taking to. Which is causing the sport to lose fans. The FIA and World RX should consider making some changes to the regulations, but what changes?

What Changes Could Be Made To The World RX?

The biggest thing the FIA is going to want to keep is the environmentally friendly part of the championship. Which is the same reason why the World RX went electric in the first place. What alternatives could the World RX use to satisfy fans whilst staying environmentally friendly? Using more environmentally friendly gasoline would be a start, but it would only make a small dent towards what the FIA is likely looking for. Why not take notes from other championships? Extreme E has done really well using Hydrogen powered cars. Whilst the World Rally Championship has done well with Hybrid cars. These could be solutions the FIA looks at. Especially with the hybrid units. As it would give fans back the missed noise, and if implemented in the same way as the WRC could still be decently environmentally friendly. 

The Hard Truth 

The FIA will likely keep the same regulations for the World RX as they do now. Even if they did change, Internal Combustion Engine’s likely aren’t returning. The World RX is making steps towards the future of motorsports. Whilst also likely being the FIA’s testing ground for a full electric off-road championship. Racing without engine noise is the sacrifice that could have to be made to continue watching racing. Especially where it’s doable like on a closed circuit.