Looking Back: Andrew Coley’s Nitrocross Debut Experience

September 17, 2023Joe Moore

Andrew Coley made his Nitrocross debut at Nitrocross Utah last month. Find out about his experience at the event below.

From Commentary To Driving

Andrew Coley is pretty much the voice of Rallycross. Being one of the best in the business at commentating motorsports in general. If you’ve watched Nitrocross, Extreme E, Nordic RallyX or World RX (some years ago) you’ve probably heard Coley at the call. Andrew has also driven at a few RX events. He also had a short rally career back in the early 2000s before switching to the commentary booth. Coley was selected to drive in the Van Prix at Nitrocross Utah. Making this his official Nitrocross debut. Although it went almost as bad as it could’ve for Coley. As for starters his van only had a single gear. Leaving him destined to finish last. Which is exactly where he finished. Find out about Andrew’s experience at the event in a Q&A I had with him. 

Andrew Coley’s Experience

1) How was your first time racing a Nitrocross event?

A: Hilarious! I just wish I’d test driven the car earlier 😂 The TV team rigged the onboard cameras on the Thursday, but I didn’t drive the car until Saturday morning when we added the flags etc. As soon as I drove it I knew it was game over, but what can you do? The show must go on!

2) if given a chance would you do the van Prix again?

A: Yes. I’ll be honest I was nervous about the lack of safety equipment in the cars, but it’s only a bit of fun and you’re in control of how fast you go. It’s probably a good thing it only had one gear as it landed like a lead rhinoceros!

3) how hard was it to drive the van with only 1 gear?

A: It wasn’t hard as such, just annoying! It would take second gear if you backed off the throttle to literally 5%, but as soon as you accelerated it went back into 1st and a top speed of 31mph!!

4) What was your favourite moment of the weekend?

A: Crossing the line hanging out of the side of the car pointing at the drone. Who knew I had a showman in me?! All inspired by Petter Solberg of course!

5) are you happy with how your nitrocross debut ended?

A: Yes. I live to fight another day and stood on the roof of my van with a huge Union Jack having a right laugh with a load of brilliant and kind drivers. If you’d have told me 10 years ago I’d be racing (well, kind of!) in a Nitro Circus event with all those guys and girls in the studio watching me come dead last I’d have laughed at you.

6) Did the advice Tanner Foust gave you help?

A: Of course! He told me the van was a piece of crap. He was bang on!!