Where Is The 2024 WRC Calendar?

September 18, 2023Joe Moore

The 2024 WRC Calendar has yet to be released, it’s gotta be released soon right? But when could it be released? Find out below. 

A Possible Delay 

It was previously reported that the 2024 WRC Calendar was to be released before Greece. Well, Greece finished just over a week ago and still no calendar. So where is it? Is possible that the WRC and FIA are held up by an event? As for the 2024 calendar to be confirmed, all events have to be confirmed. If an event is struggling to get permits to run or is having another issue it could delay the calendar. We know basically the entire calendar already. As all but 3 event slots are confirmed. The remaining slots will likely be filled by Croatia Rally, Rally Japan and Rally Poland or Argentina. It’s possible that any one of these events are holding the release of the 2024 calendar up. It’s also possible the FIA and WRC are just waiting until October to release it.

When Could The 2024 WRC Calendar Be Released? 

The earliest the 2024 calendar could be released is Rally Chile BioBio in just under 2 weeks time. It’s also possible it’s unveiled as late as the Central European Rally in October. The calendar will probably be released sometime between Chile and Europe. That is if everything goes according to schedule. 

Why The 2024 WRC Calendar Needs To Come Out Soon

The 2024 Calendar doesn’t just tell fans when a WRC event is taking place. It also is normally the start of silly season talks and talks of drivers retiring and such. Most drivers, unless they are 100% sure they want to retire, don’t retire until after they see the next season’s calendar. It’ll also be the kind of true start to contract negotiations. Which have been silently taking place, but nothing has really materialized. Things will likely stay this way after the calendar is released. As everyone will likely remain with who they currently drive for. Besides maybe Ott Tänak and a few others. Nobody really wants to make a move until they see what’s next for the WRC.