WRC 3 Potential Options To Replace Pirelli

September 18, 2023Joe Moore

Pirelli announced earlier this week it would not be the tire supplier for the WRC past the 2024 season. So who could replace them? 


Michelin was the main tire supplier for the WRC from the start of the 2011 season, until the end of the 2020 season. Of course, other tires were used within this timeframe. Such as Pirelli and D-Mack. However, those were pretty much only used by privateers and teams sponsored by said tire brand. Michelin has already been involved in rumours regarding who could become the WRC’s trite supplier in 2025 and beyond. Michelin would make sense for the WRC to choose. As they have past experience with the brand, and it’s one some drivers will be familiar with. Due to the previous experience with the WRC and overall having the budget and brand recognition, Michelin will probably be the new tire supplier for the WRC after 2024. 

MRF Tyre

MRF Tyre is currently used in the ERC by their own team and some other drivers. The MRF Tyre team has won the Teams championship in the ERC the past two seasons. Proving the tire can do good at rally events. Plus with it being used in the ERC, the FIA and WRC get to see firsthand how the tire holds up. If MRF were to become the main tire supplier for the WRC it’s likely their team will come along with them. Whether or not this is in the Rally1 class is a different story. However, if it is in the Rally1 class. It’s another positive for the WRC as another team, even if it’s not a new manufacturer is needed in the WRC. 


Yokohama is a bit of a dark horse. As they haven’t been used by any of the FIA’s rally championships. However, that doesn’t mean they haven’t been used in rallies. Yokohama is the main tire supplier for Subaru Motorsports USA. The biggest issue with tires is normally how easily they debeed or get punctured. Yokohama, much like Michelin would have the budget to do such a large venture. However is Yokohama ready for something as large as the WRC? Only time will truly tell if they are ready for that big of a venture.

 Pirelli To Leave The WRC After 2024