Viktor Vranckx And VMV Racing Join Nitrocross

September 20, 2023Joe Moore

Nitrocross has announced that 2022 World RX2e champion Viktor Vranckx and VMV Racing will join the Nitrocross grid. Find out more below.

Joining Nitrocross 

Viktor Vranckx and VMV Racing join Nitrocross. Vranckx will make his debut at Rounds 6-7 on December 9th and 10th in Glen Helen. VMV Racing joins Nitrocross after departing from the World RX’s RX2e developmental class. With the team voicing their displeasure over the established RX1e drivers racing in the class during the final two events of their season. This will likely be a decent-sized blow to the World RX as Vranckx won the 2022 championship. 

What This Means For Nitrocross

With VMV Racing joining Nitrocross full-time with a two-car team, it adds two further competitors to Nitrocross. The driver for the second car will be announced at a later date, it’s unknown if that will be before or after VMV Racing makes their debut. On the flip side, Vranckx is a talented driver who is still young. I wouldn’t expect him to win or be on the podium at his first two rounds in December. However, once he gets used to the cars and the tracks, I wouldn’t be shocked if he had a podium or two under his belt by the end of the 2022/23 season. How the VMV racing team fairs against the other established Nitrocross teams will only be determined over time. 

A Step In The Right Direction 

Adding another team of two drivers is a step in the right direction for Nitrocross. As the championship has made a decent name for itself after becoming a full-time championship in 2021. With Travis Pastrana leading the way from a vision standpoint, Nitrocross will likely become one of the biggest, if not the biggest Rallycross championship in the years to come. With names such as Robin Larsson, Andreas Bakkerud, Fraser McConnell and others leading the way on the track for the near future. The addition of VMV Racing could show other teams with displeasure towards the FIA and World RX that there are alternatives. It may also serve as an alternative route for drivers who feel they can compete with high-level drivers but can’t get a chance in the World RX. 

Comments From Nitrocross President Brett Clarke

President of Nitrocross and all-around great guy Brett Clarke was more than happy to offer up a comment when asked about VMV and Vranckx joining Nitrocross. With Clarke saying “We are excited to see Viktor and VMV Racing join Group E. Progression is fundamental to our vision for Nitrocross and is at the heart of everything we are building with the property. That focus extends beyond creating ground-breaking tracks and revolutionary cars to welcoming emerging stars like Viktor who will redefine motorsport in the years to come.”

Clarke continued, “This also shows that the best young drivers and teams are choosing Nitrocross not only from a racing perspective, but also as an investment opportunity. They see a long-term strategy, commercial opportunities and future for Nitrocross that more than justifies the significant commitment they’re making to purchase franchises, operate vehicles, and secure the infrastructure to compete in the series.”