EA Sports WRC Game Modes Deepdive

September 29, 2023Joe Moore

The game modes list for EA Sports WRC has been revealed. Find out everything you need to know below. 


Unlike the career mode in the Nadcon WRC games, you won’t be able to join manufacturer teams. Instead, you will build your own rally team. You can choose to start in WRC3/Junior, or WRC2 or jump straight into WRC1. You will get to choose your own team name, colors and other team identity items before meeting the team engineer and benefactor. Throughout the season you will work with the benefactor who funds your team. They will set goals and objectives for you to complete throughout the season. The more rallies you do, the more budget you get. With a larger budget, you will be able to bring in other drivers for the team, buy new cars among other things. 

Builder Mode

Builder mode is probably the most interesting mode in EA Sports WRC. As a result of the mode giving you the opportunity to build your own rally car. Much like Colin McRae built his own rally car in the early 2000s. You can choose to build a WRC3, WRC2 or WRC1 car. You will get to customize all components of the car to fit your likes. Everything from engine position to the body pins. Every component will have pros and cons. You can also opt to buy used parts to save money, however, the quality of the parts will vary. Some parts depending on the value will be able to be tuned, whilst others won’t be.


In Championship you will get to hop into a WRC1, WRC2 or WRC3 championship as your favorite driver. Want to drive a season as Ott Tänak? You can do that, how about Junior WRC champion William Creighton, you can also do that. Players will be able to customize the length of the championship. You could choose to do the full 13-round WRC season or do select events. 


In the 50 years the WRC has run there have been many moments. From the Mini Cooper podium sweep at Rallye Monte-Carlo in the 1960s to Kalle Rovanperä’s record-setting 2022 Championship win. Each moment will give the player a specific car to use at a memorable point in rally history. Drivers will have to complete goals and hit targets. Medals will be earned based on performance, whilst results can be shared to a global leaderboard. Moments can be replayed at any time. Throughout the year more moments will be added. 

Regularity Rally

In regularity rally, you won’t compete on a special stage to set the fastest times. Instead, you will drive through select routes at an average speed. With scoring being based on who is closer to the average speed. Co-drivers will detail the road ahead with a special set of notes. While also telling the driver if they are above or below the performance target. This is a good way for players new and old to challenge themselves and learn a thing or two about driving a stage. 

Rally School

A feature that crosses over from every other dirt game into EA Sports WRC is the rally school. At the rally school drivers will be given specific challenges and objectives to complete. This will help new drivers learn the basics of rallying and give older players a chance to freshen up their skills as well. Each lesson can be run on different surfaces (e.g. Snow, Gravel and Tarmac). 

Quick Play Solo

In quick play solo, you will be able to create your very own championship. Using whatever car you want, in whatever season you want, with whatever car you want. The choice is yours. You can select the stages you want to use, how many stages you want to use, you can even mix regular stage rally events with regularity rally events. Alternatively, you can select for a randomly generated championship to be created. 

Quick Play Multiplayer 

Quick Play Multiplayer takes all the components from Quick Play Solo and turns them multiplayer. You can have a crossplay lobby with up to 32 other players at once. With all players competing in real-time. 


Another feature that comes to EA Sports WRC from Dirt Rally 2.0 is the clubs feature. In clubs, you will be able to create your own championship for you and your friends. The difference between clubs and Quick Play multiplayer is that it’s not real-time. Instead, everyone can drive the event at different times. Using similar features as Quick Play, players will be able to create a championship that is as long or short as they want. You can make it a day-long championship, week-long championship, month-long championship or longer, and anything in between. All of this will be available via the racenet clubs system.

Time Trial

Another mode that comes over from every other dirt game is the time trial mode. In this players will be able to compete on any stage they want with any car they want. The only thing you’re competing against on said stage is the clock. Set the fastest time you can for a chance to be one of the fastest in the world.