Korhonen Wins WRC3 Championship

October 1, 2023Joe Moore

Roope Korhonen has won the 2023 WRC3 championship after Diego Dominquez retired from Rally Chile BioBio. 

WRC3 Champions

Roope Korhonen takes home his first WRC3 championship this season. Korhonen has won every event he’s competed in WRC3 this season. WRC3 drivers are allowed to elect 5 rounds to score points in, Korhonen has only competed in 4 events, however, that doesn’t seem to make a difference as only 4 events are counted. Diego Dominquez has competed in all 5 of his rounds as of the end of Rally Chile BioBio. The championship race would’ve continued if Domiquez hadn’t suffered a mechanical issue on the opening stage of the final day. All Dominquez had to do was finish the event to guarantee a top-two finish at the event. As only two drivers were competing in the class. However, all Korhonen would’ve had to do from that point was score 5 or so points to win the championship anyway. 

Eyes On WRC2 

Roope Korhonen has already made it known he has his eyes set on WRC2. It’s likely that Korhonen will compete in the Central European Rally in the WRC2 class later this month. Korhonen did compete at his home event of Secto Rally Finland in a WRC2 car, he finished 19th in the WRC2 class. What’s next for Diego Dominguez is unknown at this point, but, it’s likely, that he’ll also look to move into the WRC2 class. Whether or not Korhonen will compete in his fifth WRC3 event is unknown, however, it doesn’t sound like he’ll have to. 

Disappointing End For Domiquez 

Diego Dominguez had a disappointing end to his season. Dominguez was a strong driver and one of the favourites to win the WRC Junior Championship and the WRC3 championship. However, due to a mechanical issue, he lost the WRC3 championship. It’s a disappointing end to the season for one of the better up-and-coming drivers in the WRC.