Will Verstappen Secure the 2023 Drivers Champion in Qatar?

October 3, 2023Ramon Jones
Formula 1

Reigning Formula One champion Max Verstappen has dominated the grid this year in F1. With 13 wins in 16 Grand Prix, Verstappen can secure the F1 championship in this weekends Sprint Race at the Qatar Grand Prix by scoring a mere 3 points. To achieve this Verstappen would need to finish P6 or better to clinch the title. Given his form all year we’d expect the title to be decided this Saturday. Verstappen has been the key piece to Red Bull wrapping up the constructors championship at the last grand prix in Japan.

Verstappen Comments on Championship Finish

In a commentary with Racing News 365 Verstappen was asked about winning the title in Qatar. He responded, “No emotion. If it happens on Saturday, Sunday, or the week after, I know that it’s coming. But it’s not something that I’m thinking about too much. Maybe it’s a good thing? A good night out. Might be a bit slower on the reaction time for the lights [on Sunday]. But for me, I don’t really think about it. We’re just experiencing a really amazing year as a team. Also I don’t care where I win it. It’s not about ‘You need to win it five races in advance’ or the last one. I don’t know. It’s just not something that I’m really thinking about.”

One negative aspect of winning the drivers championship in the Sprint race is that there is no podium celebration. The winners celebrate on the track. Such a case would seem underwhelming given the gravity of the accomplishment. Maybe Verstappen doesn’t care about that thought as it appears his focus is on winning the championship no matter how or when it occurs. It would be difficult to envision a situation where Verstappen doesn’t secure 3 points in 5 race weekends. We will stand by until Saturday to see if a champion will be crowned.