Meyer Shank Racing Announce Departure from IMSA

October 3, 2023Speed Trap Magazine

Today Meyer Shank Racing announced that they will bringing their GTP car program to a halt in order to focus primarily on their IndyCar program in 2024. The decision is somewhat surprising given the team won the Rolex 24 this year and continues to remain competitive in the field. MSR Owners Mike Shank and Jim Meyer plan to keep their GTP program staff on-board in preparation for the teams’ return to IMSA in 2025.

Mike Shank had the Following Words

“Making the decision to take a year away from IMSA was not an easy one by any means,” said Shank. “Our guys live and breathe this team, and have committed most of their lives to working on these cars and traveling to races – and many of them have been with us for nearly 20 years. For Jim (Meyer) and I, our main focus was getting our guys set and making sure they were all going to be OK, which we were able to do. 

There are a lot of projects that we have going at the shop, and of course some of the guys will be helping with our growing INDYCAR program. The third Indianapolis 500 entry for Helio is a very big deal and I’m glad to have the right people in place to help us be as ready as possible for him to go get that fifth one. And then when we need to prepare for the IMSA program, we’ll still have this great group together and ready to go. I have so many people to thank who have had such an impact on me and how this team has grown – Jim France has been a supporter of us since we joined the series in 2004 and he’s someone that I cannot thank enough. Jon Ikeda, David Salters and everyone at Honda, HPD, and Acura, gave MSR a shot and trusted us to run this program for the last few years and we have accomplished some pretty awesome things since running together.”