Lewis Hamilton Handed Reprimand and Fine for Move in Qatar

October 9, 2023Kimberly Kay
Formula 1

Lewis Hamilton was involved in a turn one incident with Mercedes Teammate George Russell on the opening lap of the race. Hamilton was forced to retire after the incident occurred. However, upon reviewing video footage from the wreck it has been noted that Hamilton will receive a a non-driving reprimand and a €50,000 fine. €25,000 of the fine is suspended for the remainder of the 2023 season pending any further breach of similar nature. Hamilton was confirmed to have walk across a hot track resulting in an unsafe action that could have led to serious injury of incident.

The stewards released the following statement, “After crashing out of the race in Lap 1, the driver of Car 44 abandoned his car in the gravel and ran back to the pits. He thereby crossed the track that was live at this time and reached the inside edge of the track just seconds before Car 63 arrived at high speed after exiting the pits. He then continued to walk alongside the track until finally exiting the track,” the stewards noted.” You can find ed the full FIA Release below.

The stewards decided to take no further action on Hamilton for causing the crash.