EA Sports WRC Routes And Locations Revealed

October 10, 2023Joe Moore

The full route and location list for EA Sports WRC has been revealed. Find out everything you need to know below. 


EA Sports WRC will feature 18 unique rally locations. Including all 13 rounds of the 2023 World Rally Championship season. However, the Central European Rally will not be in the game for the November 3 launch date. It will be added later in a free update for all players shortly after launch, however. Along with the 13 WRC events, there will be 5 other events. Those events are Rally Mediterraneo, AOC Rally Pacifico, Fanatec Rally Oceania, Rally Scandia and Rally Iberia. Mediterraneo looks like it’s pretty much the Tour De Corse Rally which takes place on the island of Corsica in France. AOC Rally Pacifico is set in the Eastern part of Asia. Fanatec Rally Oceania is set in New Zealand and Australia. Rally Scandia is set in Norway. Finally, Rally Iberia is set in Spain. 

What Will The Routes Look Like?

For EA Sports WRC Codemasters are using pretty much all real stages. However, some don’t use their real-life stage names. The total kilometres of stages in the game adds up to around 370 km. Some stages are more than 30 kilometres in length. You will be able to drive all 204 stages in the four different seasons. You will also be able to drive them in any car. Say you want to take the legendary Subaru Legacy for a spin at Rally Finland like Colin McRae did all those years ago, you can do that. You could even take the Lancia Delta S4 to the Safari Rally, something the car never did in real life. The choice is completely up to you. 

Full Stage List

I could write the entire stage list in this article, however, that would be rather clunky. As a result of putting 204 stages in an article and trying to make it look good isn’t easy. However, I will give you a link to the article from EA themselves that has the complete list of stages