World RX Of South Africa Kristoffersson And Scheider Win

October 12, 2023Joe Moore
World RX

The World RX Of South Africa has come to an end. Johan Kristoffersson and Timo Scheider both took home wins at the doubleheader event. 

Round 7, Kristoffersson Wins

Kevin Hansen got off to a strong start, beating Johan Kristoffersson in Superpole. By doing this Kevin Hansen became the first driver to beat Kristoffersson in Superpole since HELP. Kristoffersson was right back to his usual self during the heats. With the 5-time champion taking home the first heat win of the weekend. Timo Scheider and Timmy Hansen would win the other two heats. Johan Kristoffersson and Ole Christian Veiby took home wins in their respective Semi-Finals to create a Kristoffersson Motorsports front-row lockout in the finals. Kristoffersson as expected took home the win, while Kevin Hansen finished second and Timo Scheider finished third. 

Round 8, Scheider Dominates

Johan Kristoffersson was back atop Superpole for round 8. However, that would be about the only bright spot for Kristoffersson on the day. Kristoffersson did manage to win the first heat of the day once again. From this point on it was pure domination from Timo Scheider. As Scheider took home the win on both the second and third heats. Scheider and Kristoffersson both won their respective Semi-finals. With Scheider in pole position, Kristoffersson’s undefeated streak looked like it was going to end. Which is exactly what would happen. Timo Scheider took home his first-ever World RX win at the event. Kevin Hansen finished second and Johan Kristoffersson finished third. 

Not Grönholm’s Weekend 

Niclas Grönholm went into the World RX Of South Africa as arguably Johan Kristoffersson’s strongest competitor. However, Grönholm didn’t have the greatest weekend in South Africa. With the Finnish driver placing 5th on Saturday and 6th on Sunday. In doing this Grönholm dropped from second in the championship to fourth. Grönholm’s chances for the championship are pretty much over unless he hits a streak of luck in Hong Kong and Kristoffersson hits a streak of bad luck. 

Championship Rundown

Despite losing his first race of the season, and his first in over a year at the World RX Of South Africa, Johan Kristoffersson remains first in the championship. With the 5-time champion now sitting 36 points ahead of Kevin Hansen heading into the season-ending doubleheader in Hong Kong. Timo Scheider took home the first World RX win of his career to move up to third in the championship. Scheider now sits just 3 points behind Hansen. Niclas Grönholm moves down to fourth as previously mentioned, now sitting 5 points behind Scheider. Timmy Hansen rounds out the top five in the championship, sitting 4 points behind Grönholm. 

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