How The WRC2 Championship Can Be Won This Weekend

October 26, 2023Joe Moore

Much like the WRC1 Championship the WRC2 Championship can also be won this weekend. Find out how below.

Who Can Win? 

Andreas Mikkelsen, Gus Greensmith and Yohan Rossel are the only drivers who have a chance to win the WRC2 championship. However, only Andreas Mikkelsen can win this weekend at the Central European Rally. Find out how below and how Rossel and Greensmith can stop him.

Andreas Mikkelsen

Andreas Mikkelsen leads the WRC2 championship heading into the Central European Rally. Mikkelsen actively has a 4-point lead over Rossel and an 8-point lead over Greensmith. Meaning Mikkelsen can win the championship in the following ways. 

-Score more points than Rossel and Greensmith.

-Score the same amount of points as Rossel and Greensmith.

-Score within 4 points less than Rossel.

-Score within 8 points less than Greensmith. 

Yohan Rossel

Yohan Rossel can prevent Mikkelsen from claiming the championship this weekend by scoring 5 or more points than Mikkelsen. However, even if Rossel outscores Mikkelsen it will likely only delay the inevitable. As this weekend at the Central European Rally is Rossel’s final event of the WRC2 season. For Rossel to have a chance at winning the WRC2 championship he will have to score at as possible over Mikkelsen. The maximum Rossel can score over Mikkelsen this weekend is 24. As the highest a driver can earn with a victory in WRC2 is 28 which also includes a Powerstage win. 

Gus Greensmith

Gus Greensmith can prevent Mikkelsen from winning the championship this weekend by scoring 9 more points than him. However much like Rossel this doesn’t mean Greensmith will have a chance at the championship. It will once again only delay the inevitable. The maximum amount of points Greensmith can score over Mikkelsen is 20. There’s a slim margin of error for Greensmith if he wants to win the WRC2 championship. The Central European Rally is also Greensmith’s final event of the season.