Central European Rally Ciamin Wins In WRC2

November 5, 2023Joe Moore

The Central European Rally has come to an end. Nicolas Ciamin took home the win to claim the first WRC2 class win of his career. 

Day One 

The first day of the Central European Rally saw drivers contest two SuperSpecial stages. WRC2 class leader Andreas Mikkelsen kicked off the event with a win on SSS1. However, his lead was short-lived as Mikkelsen’s championship rival Yohan Rossel won SS2 to take a 3.2-second lead over Mikkelsen. 

Day Two

The second day of the event saw drivers contest 6 stages. Nikolay Gryazin was the Kalle Rovanperä of the WRC2 class. Winning three of the days six stages. However, only five of those stages were run as SS6 was canceled due to safety concerns. Despite winning all but two stages on the day Gryazin didn’t lead the event to end the day. Instead, Emil Lindholm ended the day with a 14.9-second lead over Erik Cais. 

Day Three

The penultimate day of the Central European Rally saw drivers once again contest six stages. Emil Lindholm took three of the six stage wins on the day to expand his lead to 20.9 over Nicolas Ciamin to end the day. Nothing major happened on the day which is out of character for a rally. 

Day Four 

The fourth and final day of the event saw drivers contest four stages. Emil Lindholm lost the rally lead before even starting the first stage of the day. As Lindholm suffered an alternator issue on the way to the days opening stage, ending his event. This promoted Nicolas Ciamin into the rally lead. Ciamin maintained the lead throughout the day. Andreas won two of the days four stages including the Powerstage. All to secure the 2023 WRC2 championship. 

Championship Rundown

Andreas Mikkelsen leaves the Central European Rally tied with Gus Greensmith for the WRC2 championship lead. Despite the two being tied Mikkelsen has won the championship. As Greensmith has no point-scoring events remaining. While Mikkelsen still has one. Mikkelsen doesn’t have to score a single point in Japan however as he will still win the championship regardless via countback. Yohan Rossel sits third in the championship, 7 points behind Mikkelsen and Greensmith. Rossel much like Greensmith has no point-scoring rounds remaining. Oliver Solberg maintains fourth in the championship, 13 points behind Rossel. Sami Pajari also stays in the same position as before the event. As Pajari remains fifth overall, 6 points behind Solberg. 

Unfortunate Endings

Yohan Rossel

Yohan Rossel’s championship hopes came to an end on the first stage of the second day. Rossel would go wide on a corner into the grass. Normally this wouldn’t be much of an issue. However, with Rossel using tarmac slicks going on to wet grass was like driving on ice. With no grip available Rossel was left to slide into some small trees. Ending his championship hopes and event. 

Emil Lindholm

Emil Lindholm was one pace to have his best finish of the season. Unfortunately for Lindholm an alternator issue on the transit to the first stage of the final day ended his event earlier. The 2022 WRC2 champion’s season came to an unfortunate end.