General Motors Stays Committed to Andretti F1 Bid

November 9, 2023Ramon Jones
Formula 1

According to a statement made by General motors to the Associated Press, General Motors will not seek entry into F1 without Andretti Global. The statement comes after rumors in the motorsport world arose claiming that Cadillac, a General motors brand could potentially gain F1 status with another team in the field; despite the outcome of the FIA’s final decision on Andretti Global joining the F1 grid.

GM president Mark Reuss told AP, “GM is committed to partnering with Andretti to race in F1. The collaboration between Andretti-Cadillac brings together two unique entities built for racing, both with long pedigrees of success in motorsport globally.” Andretti current has permission to begin technical development. The jury is still out on the commercial FOM agreement. The FOM is currently reviewing the financial impact adding an 11th team will have on Formula One. We have not heard anything as far as an official decision.

We anticipate the loyalty surrounding the Andretti-General motors partnership is a big positive for Andretti’s case. General Motors has the platform to reach millions and they also have the advantage of being one of the largest automobile manufacturers in the world. GM plans to send senior executives to next week’s Las Vegas Grand Prix in the hope of improving their chances for the FOM to approve Andretti’s entry.

The Las Vegas Grand Prix weekend will take place starting November 16th with Free Practice 1 at 8:30pm PST.