Johan Kristoffersson Wins The 2023 World RX Championship

November 11, 2023Joe Moore
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Johan Kristoffersson has officially clinched the 2023 World RX. Winning the sixth championship of his career. 

Been Here Before

Johan Kristoffersson has won the 2023 World RX championship. Making this his sixth championship in seven years. The only time Kristoffersson didn’t win the championship in those seven years was 2019. When Timmy Hansen won the championship. Kristoffersson was absent from the sport. Making this Kristoffersson’s sixth championship in the last six seasons he’s competed in. This time round Kristoffersson has secured the championship with one round remaining. Kristoffersson will likely take the final round of the season somewhat easy as he has nothing to push for. 

A Near Perfect Season For Kristoffersson

Johan Kristoffersson was head and shoulders ahead of his competitors to start the season. However, everything changed before round four. As a fire involving the Special One racing team brought the season to a halt. The season would continue however drivers wouldn’t use their WRX1e cars that they started the season in. Instead, they would drive the ZERIOD X1, the car used in RX2e. This took every advantage Kristoffersson’s Volkswagen gave him away. As now everyone would be in the same exact car. Kristoffersson started what would become round four how you’d expect him to start. As he took home the win, despite losing his first Superpole in over a year to Kevin Hansen. Round five saw Kristoffersson’s win streak end. As Timo Scheider took home the event win. 

A Battle For Second

With the championship out of the question, the focus for drivers now turns to a battle for second place. Just 13 points separate Kevin Hansen from Timo Scheider and Niclas Grönholm heading into the final round of the season. Sure second isn’t necessarily something people clamor over, but it makes for an interesting topic to have in mind while watching. It’s also something that will likely be kept in the back of drivers minds all day during the event. As at the end of the day, a top three finish in a championship isn’t bad.