Max Verstappen to Pay 1 Million+ Euros for Super License in 2024

November 12, 2023Ramon Jones
Formula 1

While a Formula 1 championship is the dream of every professional race car driver in the world. There is a downside to success for this year’s, and three time world champion Max Verstappen. In order to maintain his super license Max Verstappen will have to pay a hefty fee if he wants to race Formula One in 2024. The fee structures to maintain a super licenses starts with a base fee of €10,400. The licensing fee is also coupled with a variable fee €2100 per championship point earned.

The formula for Verstappen’s bill in 2023 could nearly reach €1.4 million in order for him to retain his licenses in 2024 if he wins in Las Vegas and Abu Dhabi. While the fees may seem punitive the FIA ensures that the funds raise through licensing fees go toward improving driver safety precaution for the next season. In 2022 Verstappen set a record for the highest super license fee at €963,800 but his success this year will see that record toppled. Thus far the tally is at a whopping €1,110,800 which may increase depending on his finishes in the final two grand prix of the season. Now that’s a tax on success!