Nitrocross Phoenix Larsson Wins On Saturday

November 12, 2023Joe Moore

The second and final day of Nitrocross Phoenix has come to an end. Robin Larsson claimed his second win of the season. 


Group One

Fraser McConnell took home the win in the first heat group to advance to the top qualifier finals. McConnell posted a time 7.167 seconds faster than teammate Brian Deegan. 

Group Two

Andreas Bakkerud topped the second heat group. Setting a time 0.616 seconds faster than rival Oliver Eriksson. 

Group Three 

Robin Larsson won the third heat group to join Bakkerud and McConnell in the top qualifier finals. Larsson posted a time 2.457 seconds faster than Conner Martell to take the win. 

Group Four

Travis Pastrana topped the final heat group to prevent yesterday’s top qualifier Kevin Eriksson from winning again today. Pastrana set a time 1.416 seconds faster than Eriksson to take the win. Casper Jansson did not finish the race.


Group One

Conner Martell topped the first qualifying group by technically. As Brian Deegan set the fastest time, however, Deegan was penalized one place. This was due to Deegan hitting Martell causing Martell to spin. 

Group Two

Oliver Eriksson won the second qualifying group. Posting a time 0.863 seconds faster than Casper Jansson. Championship leader Kevin Eriksson finished third, 8.510 seconds slower than Jansson. 

Top Qualifier 

Travis Pastrana won his first top qualifier belt of the season. Beating Robin Larsson by 0.395 seconds. Andreas Bakkerud finished third fastest, 1.597 seconds slower than Larsson. Fraser McConnell rounded out the top four, finishing 28.201 seconds slower than Bakkerud. 


Group One

Robin Larsson took the win in the first semifinal group. Posting a time 1.006 seconds faster than Conner Martell. Casper Jansson finished third fastest, 1.440 seconds slower than Martell. Fraser McConnell rounded out the top four, finishing 43.784 seconds slower than Jansson. 

Group Two

Travis Pastrana topped the second semifinal group. Setting a time 0.413 seconds faster than Oliver Eriksson. Andreas Bakkerud finished third fastest, 0.453 seconds slower than Eriksson. Kevin Eriksson posted the fourth fastest time, 3.678 seconds slower than Bakkerud. Brian Deegan rounded out the top five, finishing 7.663 seconds slower than Eriksson. 

Last Chance Qualifier

Group One

Fraser McConnell won the first LCQ group to advance to the finals. Posting a time 1.133 seconds faster than Andreas Bakkerud. Brian Deegan finished third fastest, 3.614 seconds slower than Bakkerud. Conner Martell rounded out the top four and missed out on the finals, finishing with a time 4.636 seconds slower than Deegan. 

Group Two

Kevin Eriksson topped the second LCQ group. Setting a time 0.936 seconds faster than his brother Oliver. Casper Jansson rounded out the top three, finishing 0.840 seconds slower than Oliver Eriksson.


Robin Larsson took home the win for his second of the season. Larsson set a time 0.475 seconds faster than Nitrocross Phoenix Friday winner Fraser McConnell. Kevin Eriksson finished third fastest, 1.392 seconds slower than McConnell. Casper Jansson posted the fourth fastest time, 0.371 seconds slower than Eriksson. Travis Pastrana rounded out the top five, finishing 0.068 seconds slower than Jansson. 

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