Forum8 Rally Japan Sordo, Fourmaux Retire On SS2

November 16, 2023Joe Moore

The first stage of the second day of Forum8 Rally Japan is underway, however, two drivers have already crashed out.

Sordo Out

Dani Sordo is out of Forum8 Rally Japan. As the Spaniard crashed out on the first stage of the second day. Oddly enough this is the same stage that caught Sordo out last season. It’s an unfortunate ending for Sordo who is competing in his first event since EKO Acropolis Rally Greece. This will also be Sordo’s final event for the foreseeable future. As the 40-year-old has yet to confirm his plans for the 2024 season. He has said he wants to compete in at least Vodafone Rally Portugal next season. Although nothing has been confirmed with Hyundai. 

Fourmaux Out

Adrien Fourmuax was also caught out by the stage. It’s a disappointing start for the Frenchmen’s second chance in a rally1 car. Fourmaux is subbing in for fellow Frenchman Pierre-Louis Loubet this weekend. After Loubet and M-Sport decided his final event would be the Central European Rally. Forumaux spent the 2023 season driving in the WRC2 class and the British Rally Championship. Fourmaux won the BRC championship, becoming the first French driver to do so. The rally1 drive this weekend was his reward for winning that championship and helping M-Sport develop the Fiesta Rally2. Hopefully, Fourmaux M-Sport will be able to fix the issue with Fourmaux’s Puma in time for tomorrow’s stages. 

Katsuta Crashes

Takamoto Katsuta was on pace to win SS2. That was until he spun out, damaging his car. This led to the stage being red-flagged and Katsuta nursing the car for the final third of the stage. Katsuta is continuing the event, despite having a mangled front end. Katsuta likely won’t retire unless his car completely gives out. As this is his home event and he wants to put on the best show he can in front of his home crowd. 

Rough Conditions

So far the second day of Forum8 Rally Japan has had rough conditions. As rain has made the roads slick. Add that to the fog on the stages and it becomes a mess. Drivers for the most part have slowed down to a manageable pace. In hopes of not joining Sordo and Fourmaux on the retirement list.