Bagnaia Shuts the Door on Martin, Di Giannantonio Secures First MotoGP Win

November 19, 2023Ray Milton

Francesco Bagnaia got the Job done in Qatar. After the Grand Prix he shut the door on any ground gained by Jorge Martin in the Sprint. Bagnaia now holds a 21 point lead over Martin in the title race with one round left to go. Martin has an extreme uphill battle that will also likely require a bit of luck if he is to have any chance at the title in 2023.

What Went Wrong in Qatar for Martin?

After taking the top spot in the Tissot Sprint in Qatar Jorge Martin was looking poising to take the lead in the championship. However, that opportunity faded away with a disastrous outing in the Grand Prix. Martin finished P10 in a race where he was fighting the bike the entire time and essentially was a sitting duck out on the track. “You saw the start. I had a big spin and the rear tire wasn’t working well.” said Martin. “I’m really disappointed a Championship is decided by a bad tire. It’s happened to me and it’s a pity but it is what it is. I struggled a lot, I didn’t have rear grip, I couldn’t turn, I couldn’t open the throttle but with my experience, I at least made some points which wasn’t easy.

“Anything can happen in Valencia. Pecco [Francesco Bagnaia] can make a mistake, I can for sure win both races but I can win if I don’t have a tire like today. It’s not decided yet, but it’s not the same to arrive to Valencia close than in this condition.”

Bagnaia Had the Following Words after the Qatar Grand prix

“I never saw him. I thought he was fourth, but I didn’t see he was behind like this and my team didn’t say anything to me. Last year I remember my feeling (going into the final round). Even if it was a 23-point gap, I was very much under pressure but this year is different. I think we can manage the situation better and Jorge will have to totally attack. We are in the best position.”

Fabio Di Giannantonio Secures First MotoGP Win

In contrasting news to Jorge Martin, Fabio Di Giannantonio (Gresini Racing) secured his first MotoGP win outpacing Bagnaia and playing a bit of damage control for Martin in the championship standings. It is Di Giannantonio’s second year in MotoGP and to win a race this soon speaks volumes to his talents and ability. Hwoever, Di Giannanotino does not have a seat for 2024. With almost no options left ont he grid some of us including Di Giannatonio are wondering why?

“I am speechless about this argument.” Di Giannatonio said referring to not having a seat for 2024. “I think I am doing everything on time. It’s just my second year in MotoGP. If you look at the other riders, we are in the best Championship in the world, the highest level of motorbikes in the world. The guy who finished last today was a World Champion, so the level is super high! It takes time to make things work out, finally we made it, but I think we’re completely on time.

I think it’s quite strange this situation, that a rider like me does not have a seat with one week to the end of the season, and some other riders already have it. In the end, it is what it is, and I just have to be focused and just try to enjoy every moment of my bike.”

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