CryptoDATA RNF Team Releases Resonse to Dorna 2024 Entry List Exclusion

November 29, 2023Press Release

Given the most recent drama with the CryptoDATA RNF Team being denied entry into the 2024 MotoGP season. The team has released the following statement.

From CryptoData RNF Racing…

“Dear partners, motorsport fans and media representatives,

Our team, CryptoDATA RNF, is dealing with a paradoxical situation, which seems taken from a comedy film, but with much more serious side effects. Dorna, the governing organisation of MotoGP, approached us with a kind of proposal worthy of Hollywood scripts: to sell our team at a bargain price. We thought of asking them for an autograph as well, to remember such a “generous’ offer.

The story begins in 2023, when Dorna promised an American team a spot in the championship, possibly the 12th, which, oh surprise, was vacant! We can already imagine the discussions in the Dorna offices: “Let’s give the Americans 12th or CryptoDATA. What could go wrong?” Well, a lot.

After turning down KTM on the grounds that 12th was “reserved for a factory”, they realised they couldn’t offer our place without our consent. Then they came up with a buyout offer so low I thought it was a joke. I politely declined, but the pressure didn’t stop.

Now, it seems Dorna wants to knock us out of the Championship in 2024, citing reasons so creative they could write a novel. Despite a contract valid until 2026, it seems that their slogan is ‘My championship, my unwritten rules… the ones written in the contracts don’t matter”.

We’re not just disappointed, we’re ready to fight back. After a month of intensive documentation and preparation for such a situation, we will go to court with a demand for substantial compensation for damage to our business and reputation, and for the limitation of participation in the championship.

We close this release with a message for Dorna: even in motorsport, where speed is of the essence, ethics and legality should not be overridden. We look forward to seeing each other on the courts with the same passion we met on the track.

BTW, stay tuned, we will soon make public the “orchestrated spiciness” behind the show that fans watch on TV.


That Romanian who will overturn their chariot
Ovidiu Toma

Its clear that a legal battle between the team and Dorna is on the horizon. We will continue to report on this story as it develops.