Will Marc Marquez Return to Glory in 2024 With Ducati?

December 4, 2023Ray Milton

The post season speculation has started with the most prominent story being Marc Marquez and his performance on his new Gresini Ducati during the Valencia season ending test. Marquez looked right at home on his new Ducati; something many anticipated before the move was complete. Now the the 2023 season has come to a close and Marc Marquez has finally undergone a much needed surgery. Marquez has been suffering from compartment syndrome also known as arm pump for the majority of the second half of the season. With the post season break it was the perfect opportunity to utilize some low stress healing time.

The Opinions on Marquez are Mixed At the Moment

While some praised Marquez’s pace in the Valencia Test others still had a bad taste in their mouth from the events that unfolded during the final race of the season. Marco Bezzecchi has been the most vocal in opposition to Marquez. Bezzecchi stated the following in an interview with DAZN following the Valencia Grand Prix, “Marquez decided to end my race in the third corner.  He did the same thing he did to me in Thailand. He hit me on the back. The problem is that this time he hit me much harder, and I hurt my shoulders and on my left foot. His style doesn’t deserve much explanation.

They decided not to show the replay because the action was very dirty. It’s Marquez, so no one can touch him. They investigate, but they don’t do anything. The stewards never touch Marc. He is the dirtiest rider in MotoGP.” Marquez simply responded by saying, “I’m not going to waste my time with this character, so next.”

Others Have a More Positive Outlook on Marquez and His Future

“The smile after his first run isn’t good news for the competition!” – Dani Pedrosa.

“When he signed with Gresini I said I wouldn’t be surprised if he was fastest at these tests, so I was close!”- Francesco Bagnaia

“I’ve already checked Marc’s data to see his style and it was really good from the start, so he was really fast, really quickly.” – Enea Bastianini. 

One thing is certain, with 8 riders on almost equal machinery on the grid in 2024. It could be anyone’s championship next year. Bagnaia had a successful year to secure his third world title but now that Marquez is in a groove it may be another and possibly the last chance we get to see Marquez make a run for another MotoGP championship. The build up to the 2024 season will be something to keep eyes on as the riders develop more chemistry with their teams and they all come back well rested for the long 2024 campaign.

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