Citroen Racing Reveal 2024 WRC2 Lineup

December 10, 2023Joe Moore

Earlier this week Citroen announced their 2024 WRC2 driver lineup. A lineup which includes a new face along with a familiar one. 

A Familiar Face

Yohan Rossel will once again drive for Citroen in WRC2 after a strong showing in 2023. Rossel ended the season third in the championship. Ending the season 7 points behind Gus Greensmith. Rossel won 2 events last season, tying him with Oliver Solberg and Gus Greensmith for the second-most wins. The 28-year-old Frenchman showed the Citroen C3 can still compete with the likes of Sköda and M-Sport, despite not being as up-to-date. 

A New Face 

Yohan Rossel will have a teammate this season. As Citroen will expand their WRC2 program from one to two cars. Joining Rossel will be Nikolay Gryazin. Gryazin finished fourth in the championship, 8 points behind Rossel. Gryazin drove for Toksport last season. The 26-year-old took home no wins last season. Grayzin did finish on the podium 4 times last season. Including three second places. Gryazin will give Citroen another championship challenger. As Gryazin is one of the WRC’s best up-and-coming drivers. 

What Events Will The Drivers Do?

Yohan Rossel and Nikolay Gryazin’s schedules still have yet to be confirmed. However, it is believed both drivers will debut at Rallye Monte-Carlo next month. From there Rossel will likely compete in most of the same events as last season. Gryazin competed in all but two events last season. This gave Gryazin valuable experience at the events. However, that likely won’t happen this season as Citroen has less funding than Toksport. It wouldn’t be a surprise if Grayzin competed in Montecarlo, Croatia and Japan again. As he finished second at all of those events last season. Rossel heads into Rallye Monte-Carlo as the reigning winner in the class. This comes after Gryazin received a penalty for corner cutting which dropped him out of the rally lead.