Toyota Gazoo Racing Releases New Livery for WRC and WEC 2024

December 12, 2023Ramon Jones

TOYOTA GAZOO Racing has switched up the style palette for 2024 as they ditch the dominant white livery for a more blacked out design. The design have more of an edgy presence to them which seems to be the direction many teams are headed for in 2024. Bold and definitive seems to be the new look.

Toyota Gazoo Racing Reveals the 2024 WRC Livery. Photo Courtesy of Toyota Gazoo Racing WRT

The reveal came on the same day the team announced their 2024 motorsport team setups. The announcement came from “Morizo” (Chairman Akio Toyoda), Tomoya Takahashi, President of GAZOO Racing Company, and the drivers leading the TGR activities in Japan joined the attendees. He gave the following speech.

Chairman Akio Toyoda’s Speech on the 2023 Season

“In the 2023 season, TOYOTA GAZOO Racing won eight titles!

Morizo hates to lose too often…
Therefore I am as delighted as you could expect with eight titles.
I’m so happy! To the team, to the drivers, and to the fans, thank you so much! Now the phrase “hate to lose” has become our slogan.

In Rally Finland, Kalle Rovanperä said to me “We hate to lose” after he went off couse and showed that we never give up. Not only the drivers, but also everyone in the whole team hates to lose!
I felt that this common understanding is the secret to our strength!

Why do I hate to lose too often? The other day, I looked back at my past.
I remembered a scene at the Nurburgring when I was being overtaken by other cars. This scene was the origin of my ‘hate to lose’ mentality! This scene was the origin of my ‘hate to lose’ mind! The cars that overtook me were new vehicles developed by European manufacturers…and I was driving an 80 Supra, which had already gone out of production and sales…I felt that the cars that overtook me were saying “Toyota will never make such a car like this…” It’s frustrating to remember even now… This frustration was my origin.

The No 8 Toyota Gazoo Racing Hypercar at the Season Closer in Bahrain. Photo Courtesy of Toyota Gazoo Racing

Since then, I have been determined to make a car like that! I have been working hard to achieve this.
That’s the reason I’ve continued my driving training.
Even though I am not an engineer, I wanted to participate in car development somehow, which is why I took action.”

Toyoda Continued

“It took almost 20 years, and now I really have a lot of friends.
Not only drivers but also engineers and mechanics.
We share our frustrations… and we fight in motorsport.
We are all friends trying to make a car that was said to be “impossible” to make at the time.

To win in motorsports, you have to make a car that is easy to drive together.

I believe that the eight titles are exactly the result of our ability to make such cars.”