ICE Cars Will Be Allowed In The World RX In 2024

December 13, 2023Joe Moore
World RX

Earlier this week the World RX announced ICE cars will be allowed back in the championship. 

A Welcomed Return 

After two years of fully electric competition, the World RX will allow ICE (internal combustion engine) cars back in the championship. This comes after the 2023 season was stalled after a fire was caused by the battery units at Lydden Hill. The only catch we know of so far is the ICE cars will have to run on sustainable fuels. However, it’s pretty safe to assume there will also be some other modifications to the cars to put them more in line with the electric cars. It’ll be interesting to see how the electric cars compare to the ICE cars, and how the FIA and World RX handle it. 

Entry Caps And Other Changes 

The entry limit for a World RX event next season will be set at 16. This could change in 2025, however, it’s unlikely the limit will be reached much in 2024. Along with an entry limit, there have been some other changes. Namely to do with Superpole. For 2024 the Superpole has been scrapped. Now drivers will start the heats in a pre-determined order. The main reason for this is to help maintain track position. Along with the scrapping of Superpole, the points structure has been changed. Now instead of drivers battling for the fastest overall time at the end of the four heats. They will instead be awarded points for every single race. That includes all four heats, semifinals and finals. 

A U-Turn

The FIA and World RX promoter have seemed to make a bit of a U-turn. As just two years after going all-electric, they are welcoming back ICE cars. Why? The exact reason is unknown. However, it’s safe to assume what the reason is. The likeliest answer is because the World RX wasn’t doing well. Not only with fans but also with teams. It could also be seen as a safe net for the World RX in case something like the Lydden Hill incident happens again. Fans will now get to hear the sound of an engine roaring around a World RX track again. While seeing more drivers compete for the championship.