M-Sport Ford Announce 2024 Driver Lineup

December 22, 2023Joe Moore

The M-Sport Ford World Rally Team have announced their 2024 driver line-up. Find out all you need to know below. 

The Drivers 

The 2024 M-Sport Ford WRT lineup consists of two familiar faces. Those faces are Adrien Fourmaux and Grégoire Munster. Both Fourmaux and Munster drove a Puma Rally1 last season. With Munster competing at Rally Chile Bio Bio and the Central European Rally in the car. While Fourmuax competed in Rally Japan. 

Adrien Fourmaux 

It’s no surprise that Adrien Fourmaux is once again getting a chance behind the wheel of a Rally1 car. As the Frenchman was demoted to the WRC2 championship at the end of a disappointing 2022 season. However, Fourmaux seemed to have found himself in 2023. As he went on to win the British Rally Championship with M-Sport. Becoming the first Frenchman to win the championship. Fourmaux also aided M-Sport in developing the Fiesta Rally2 car. Fourmaux didn’t win any WRC2 events last season. Although he did come close in Italy. However, an off on the last stage costed him the event win. 

Grégoire Munster 

Grégoire Munster is a bit of a surprise. As he was expected to get a part-time drive with the team and compete at Rallye Monte-Carlo. However, a full-time drive was unexpected. Munster has even said himself that he wasn’t fully ready for it. Add that to a comment from higher-ups at M-Sport made just last month about Munster becoming their main driver for WRC2 and it leaves some question marks. Sure Munster put up a strong performance at the Central European Rally. However, why rush him into a spot he’s not ready for? Sure Munster could’ve changed his mind, if that’s the case then okay. However, if he was still on the edge why give him a full-time seat? 

Why These Drivers?

M-Sport had a very slim selection of drivers to pick from. As the team relies on drivers willing to pay for a drive as opposed to paying drivers to drive. Only on rare occasions will M-Sport pay a driver to drive for the team. Fourmuax has the backing of Redbull to sponsor a full-time drive. While Munster will be backed by Jourdan Serderidis and other sponsors.