Bryan Bouffier To Contest Rally Monte-Carlo

January 6, 2024Joe Moore

Former WRC driver Bryan Bouffier has confirmed he will contest Rallye Monte-Carlo later this month. 

Returning To The Sport

Bryan Bouffier will return to rally after a 4-year absence from the sport. The three-time Polish national champion will look to compete at his home event for what could be the final time. Bouffier last competed at the 2019 running of Rajd Barbórka in Poland. He finished fourth overall at the event. 

What Will Bouffier Drive? 

Bouffier will be one of the many drivers to take the brand-new Toyota Yaris GR Rally2 for a spin. Last season fellow rally legend Francois Delecour returned to the WRC to try out the then new Sköda Fabia Rally2. Bouffier seems to be following in Delecour’s footsteps. 

What To Expect From Bouffier

As previously mentioned Bryan Bouffier hasn’t competed at a rally in over 4 years. This means he’ll likely have some rust to shake off before he can get going at a good pace. Bouffier won’t challenge for the WRC2 class win. Instead he, in partnership with Toyota will likely use the event to get his opinions on the car. As Bouffier has experience driving many different cars. Including multiple variations of the Ford Fiesta and Hyundai i20. He has also driven a modified Mitsubishi Mirage in the American Rally Association on a few occasions. This means Bouffier has experience in a variety of cars and could provide valuable input to Toyota. 

Could Bouffier Do More Events? 

It’s unlikely that Bouffier will make any more appearances this season. However, anything is possible. He may look to compete in some of his former favourite events for a final time this season. If we were to see Bouffier again it would likely be for Rally Poland in June. As Bouffier has a load of experience in Poland. Something that could make him slightly more competitive despite the age difference between him and his fellow competitors.