What Helmut Marko’s Contract Extension Means for Red Bull

January 7, 2024Ramon Jones
Formula 1

Red Bull advisor Helmut Marko has signed a 3 year contract extension with Red Bull. The announcement comes after Red Bull announced their new CEO who stepped in to replace the now deceased Dietrich Mateschitz. While many speculated that team principal Christian Horner or Helmut Marko might be gunning for the mantle. Its now clear that those rumor can be put to rest and that Horner and Helmut are look forward to 2024 to maintain the dominance Red Bull has achieved in recent years.

Credited with the discovery of Max Verstappen, Marko has been praise in the Red Bull camp for Verstappen’s recent success having won 3 straight F1 titles. With Helmut solidified in the Red Bull camp for 3 more years, and no other major personnel changes pending. Its hard to imagine the synergy that Red Bull has built dwindling in any capacity. The team has prided itself on winning and attributes those wins to continued consistency and open communication. If its not broken do fix it is the saying. As Re d Bull heads into the 2024 season the pressure will be on to perform.

What does Marko’s Extension mean for Red Bull?

Marko’s contract extension means that Red Bull can continue to maintain their well oiled machine and make a run for the F1 championship in 2024. Additionally, its no secret that Max Verstappen holds Marko in very high esteems. The relationship between the two would suggest that if one left the team the other would follow.

One man who will have his work cut out for him is Max Verstappen’s teammate Sergio Perez. Marko has vocally been against Perez being resigned at the end of 2024. This is despite the Red Bull 1-2 finish in the constructors championship during the 2023. Whether this opinion will change over the off season is yet to be determined. Marko’s focus seems to be on the future of Red Bull and with an aging Perez the ideology behind such a decision makes sense long term. However, it’s clear that Marko’s eye for young talent is not something to be ignored. His latest driver of interest appears to be Lando Norris who has had an up and down season with McLaren. Time will tell if Marko will make a move to recruit Norris to Red Bull or if he has his sights set on another driver come the end of 2024.