AMA Arenacross Loveland: Round 4 Race Report

January 10, 2024Matthew Henson

Blue Arena


  1. Ryan Breece 200
  2. Kyle Peters 1
  3. Kyle Bitterman 2
  4. Iziah Clark 4
  5. Devin Harriman 16

AMA Arenacross Championship Series presented by Kicker Performance Audio returned to action this week after a holiday break to Blue Arena In Loveland Colorado.  

Heat Races

Heat Race 1 started with Devin Harriman getting the holeshot, with Ryan Breece close behind in 2nd place. Breece was eventually able to make a pass and take 1st place with Harriman finishing 2nd which placed both riders in the Main Event.

Heat Race 2 featured an intense battle between Chandler Baker and Bryant Carroll but the big story was Kyle Peters going down after contact with a lapper on Lap 6.  Peters was able to get back aboard his Phoenix Racing Honda and methodically work his way back into 2nd place after a pass on Cody Groves, assisted with a crash by Chandler Baker who was the current race leader.  Carroll ended up taking his first heat race win while Peters came in 2nd, placing both riders in the Main Event.

Heat Race 3 also contained a large hole-shot pile up that included LICG Rider Kyle Bitterman while Aaron Siminoe was able to take the holeshot.  Siminoe would go on to win the race comfortably, but the story was Bitterman battling back from 7th place to finish the heat in 2nd and place him and Siminoe in the Main.

Heat Race 4 continued the trend of action and accidents when race leader Iziah Clark went down on lap 2, MasonKerr was able to take advantage and finish 1st while Clark battled his way back to a well-earned 2nd place finish, advancing both riders to the main.

Semis and LCQs

SEMI 1 featured a win by Cody Groves who made a last second pass to take the victory, SEMI 2 Had a great battle between 411 Crockett Myers and 177 Kaden Lewis, with Myers ultimately taking the win sending Lewis to the LCQ.

LCQ 1 featured some race drama as leader Chandler Baker and 2nd place teammate Tyler Mollett both jumped during a MEdical Flag which DQ’ed both riders to the B-Main and allowed Blake Garnder to take a win and secure a spot in the Main Event.

LCQ 2 was dominated by #5 Preston Taylor from start to finish to lock up the final position in the Main Event.

Ryan Breece took home the win in the 1v1v1 Race for a $500 bonus

Main Event: Ryan Breece came out of the gates like a rocket taking the Bob’s Coolers holeshot award, on lap 3 Breece’s rear tire went flat which allowed Peters to take over the 1st place position which he would hold on to for the rest of the race.  Devin Harriman who was sitting 2nd place washed his front end out in the berm and allowed Iziah Clark to take the 2nd place spot.  Bitterman who was at one point in 7th place was able to methodically battle his way all the way back into 2nd place after passing his teammate Clark on lap 13 and finished the race 2nd and 3rd with Clark.  Bryant Carroll and Mason Kerr rounded out the Main Event top 5.

The B-Main was dominated by Chandler Baker who took the holeshot and never gave up the first place position.

The Inverted Main featured Ryan Breece on the front row as he was not able to finish the Main Event due to the blown tire.  He took advantage and got out to an early 5 second lead after securing the holeshot.  LICG Teammates Iziah Clark and Kyle Bitterman ran 2nd and 3rd place from lap 5 to the finish, while Peters who at on point was in 7th place battled back to take 4th,  #315 Cody Groves rounded out the top 5.

AMA Arenacross Championship Series presented by Kicker Performance Audio  will be in Grand Island Nebraska for round 5 action at the Heartland Events Center on Friday Jan 12th.  Watch live on MavTV or on the Arenacross All Access App.