Nitrocross Calgary Made Into An Exhibition Round

February 5, 2024Joe Moore

The eighth round of the 2023-24 Nitrocross season, Nitrocross Calgary has been made an exhibition round. Find out why below.

Why Has Nitrocross Calgary Been Made An Exhibition Round? 

The answer to this question is simple, a lack of snow and ice. To do ice racing there needs to be a certain amount of ice to make it work. Unfortunately, there are factors that Nitrocross can’t control. One of those is the weather. All of Alberta has had a recent spike of warm weather. Which has been welcomed, however, it means most of the ice and snow has melted. This comes after the entire province experienced record-cold weather in January. 

The Second Year In A Row

This isn’t the first time Nitrocross Calgary has been made an exhibition round. As last season this exact same thing happened. A lack of usable ice led to the event being made into an exhibition round. Kevin Eriksson won the event last time around. However, the win contributed nothing to the championship. 

What Changes 

Due to the previously mentioned lack of ice, the format has changed for today’s event. As now the Group E cars will only race in a semi-final and final races. NEXT will do the same, while the Baja Bugs class will race a semi-final and two finals. As far as the championship goes, the final round in Las Vegas may be made into a triple-header event. This is something the championship did last season for the finale in Glen Helen. Nitrocross hasn’t confirmed anything at this time, however, if the final round in Las Vegas were to be changed they’d have to announce something soon. Alternatively, the 2023-24 season could turn into a nine-round championship. This likely won’t be the first option but if things come down to it that’s always an option.