Motul Announced as Kawasaki Racing Top Sponsor

February 9, 2024Ray Milton

Kawasaki Racing Team has announced a new sponsorship with Motul. Motul is now as top sponsor for the Kawasaki World Superbike team which ushers in a new era for the Japanese manufacturer. The company also sponsors the WorldSBK championship which provides KRT with global brand awareness as well. Motul is a top brand for motorcycle lubricants in competitions across the world. The team spoke on the move releasing the following comments.

Pierre Barrard (Chief Marketing Officer of Motul):

“We are thrilled to further integrate into the Kawasaki family, continuing an exciting journey that defines us as a 360° partner. WorldSBK team partnership, symbolizing not only a strategic alliance on product and technology, but also the shared passion for innovation and performance that characterizes both Kawasaki and Motul. As we embark on this new racing season as the official sponsor of the Kawasaki Racing Team in the WorldSBK Championship, we look forward to demonstrating our combined strengths to reach together new heights in the world of motorcycle racing”

Manabu Shinobu (Senior Manager Kawasaki Motors, Ltd. Marketing Department):

“As a company with engineering at its core, Kawasaki continually strives for perfection. For the best performance in our engines and ancillary systems such as brakes and drivetrains, we demand the very best lubricants and allied products as well as requiring consistency of quality on a global scale. We are therefore delighted to have achieved this agreement with Motul that includes both core lubricants and also bike care products, ensuring that we will maintain the cutting-edge performance of the Kawasaki Racing Team.”

Guim Roda (KRT Team Manager): 

“The new partnership with Motul begins now and I am convinced it will quickly gather momentum and grow in significance over the coming years. We recognize and respect the efforts of Motul within the racing sphere and their wider commitment supporting many activities to bring the spirit of racing to all motorcycle and motorsport fans across the world. We have respect for this global reach and reputation, and it fits with our own KRT racing philosophy. At the same time, we are impressed with their technical development skills, creating the best products possible. In the world of lubricants, Motul is a major player combining professionalism with passion and this makes them an attractive partner. I’m sure we will work well as a team delivering success for each other and Kawasaki fans globally.”