Rally Sweden Solberg Leads WRC2

February 16, 2024Joe Moore

The first day of Rally Sweden has come to an end. Oliver Solberg leads the WRC2 class after the days lone stage. 

Rally Sweden Shakedown 

Oliver Solberg topped the shakedown stage, posting a time 0.6 seconds faster than Georg Linnamäe. Mikko Heikklä finished third fastest, 2.6 seconds slower than Linnamäe. Swede Isak Reiersen set the fourth fastest time, 0.1 seconds slower than Heikklä. 2022 WRC2 champion Emil Lindholm rounded out the top five on the shakedown stage, finishing 0.1 seconds behind Reiersen. 

SSS1, Umeá Sprint 1

2023 Rally Sweden WRC2 class winner Oliver Solberg kicked off his home event with a stage win. Setting a time 3 seconds faster than WRC3 champion Roope Korhonen. Sami Pajari and Fabrizio Zaldivar tied for third fastest on the opening stage. With both drivers finishing 1.1 seconds slower than Korhonen. Georg Linnamäe posted the fourth fastest time on the stage, 0.2 seconds slower than Pajari and Zaldivar. Emil Lindholm rounded out the top five times on the stage, finishing 0.3 seconds slower than Linnamäe. 

Rally Sweden Day Two Breakdown 

The second day of Rally Sweden will see drivers contest 107.9 km across 7 special stages. The WRC2 drivers should have some of the best conditions on the road. Especially the ones first on the road. As this year the snow and ice isn’t as good as normal. Making conditions less than desirable. However, by the time the WRC2 cars start to run, they should have some pretty good roads. Nikolay Gryazin is first on the road. Jan Solans is the second driver on the road, while Oliver Solberg is third on the road. These should all be optional positions for road conditions. However, rally is anything but predictable. Meaning all the WRC2 drivers could have bad conditions. It all depends on how hard the Rally1 drivers attack the stages.