Alleged Evidence Against Christian Horner Released to Multiple Journalists

February 29, 2024Ramon Jones
Formula 1

One day after Christian Horner was cleared of any wrong doing in the latest inappropriate behavior investigation. The latest turn in this case involves an anonymous email that has been sent to multiple high ranking individuals in the F1 paddock. The messages at first glance appear to be screenshots of What’s App conversations between Horner and the plaintiff. However, the validity of these screenshots is very much in question as their source has not yet been verified.

After viewing the screenshots, there does not appear to be anything specifically damning for Horner in the conversations captured. However, given their questionable source and timing of release it appears that there could be more at play here. Despite this, no actions will be taken by Red Bull at this time. Horner again denied the allegation and would not give any validity to the messages. “I won’t comment on anonymous speculation,” said Horner, “but to reiterate, I have always denied the allegations. I respected the integrity of the independent investigation and fully cooperated with it every step of the way.”

A Red Bull GmbH spokesperson stated: “The independent investigation into the allegations made against Mr. Horner is complete, and Red Bull can confirm that the grievance has been dismissed.” We will continue to assess whether the files received are valid and if this evidence will have any bearing on this case.